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Game production science preparation of fish to look lifelike product "Trickle" wins award for excellence in game award amateur section in Japan!

 On last Saturday, September 22, commendation ceremony of "game award 2018 in Japan" was held in Tokyo game show venue. Student work "Trickle" of game production course wins <award for excellence> wonderfully in game award amateur section in Japan. Shield and testimonial were conferred in the commendation ceremony.

<"Trickle" work introduction page>

<"Trickle" play video ※youtube site> . . .

Graphic design department is exhibiting in "Shinjuku creators festival 2018"!

 Graphic design department exhibits in "Shinjuku creators festival 2018" (Tokyo health plaza high dia) on Saturday for from Wednesday, September 19, 2018 to 22nd.

 Art event that used public facilities around Shinjuku-ku with "Shinjuku creators festival." Through art, it is festival where anyone can touch by culture, art close.

 Theme of work "design of Interactive, experience." We touch and, judging from eye tickling sense of fun, display pleasant work. Of course it is all work of current students. Of current students. . .

Student team of high information processing department won a prize "ET robokon 2018" information system development department in Tokyo District!

 Last from Sunday, September 16 to 17th (celebration), ET robokon 2018 ※Tokyo District meeting was held in Waseda University Nishiwaseda campus. Four teams in total played meeting from information system development department, high information processing department from principal school, and two teams just carried out winning a prize wonderfully!

<ET robokon 2018 official site>

<winning a prize team>
■General third place + district special commendation / altitude information processing department "easy JEC"
■Student commendation / information system development department "jec lump.

We exhibit consecutively for "Tokyo game show 2018" 23 years!

 Of course, for Tokyo game show 2018 held in four days on Sunday for from Thursday, September 20, 2018 to 23rd, we exhibit this year!
 This year to count the consecutive exhibition 23rd year. 20 works exhibit attractive game made newly by students of game production graduate course of principal school, game production course, game plan course!

 As prize winner exhibits in game award amateur section in Japan, please play!

 In addition, as collaboration work which stepped over subject of the field of game of Japan Electronics College, the field of CG, the field of animation as attempt new this year asymmetry using VR. . .

We decided game award amateur section receiving a prize in Japan!

 In the beginning of August, 2018, game award amateur section examination committee in Japan was held. And, in game award 2018 amateur section in Japan, receiving a prize of principal school student work was decided from 454 works which became the record-high entry total number wonderfully!

<prize winner>
●Game title: "Trickle"
●Team name: "teamTrickle" ※Seven students
●Play picture:
●Game summary: This game is tea of game award amateur section in Japan. . .

We participate in ESP school presents "COLORS2018"! We were engaged in VJ picture production this year!

We participate in "ESP school presents COLORS2018" this year! Student of CG picture production department was engaged in VJ picture production!

"ESP school presents COLORS2018" where luxurious artist appeared on in Shinkiba STUDIO COAST on last Saturday, July 7 (cooperation company: sound crew) was held. Current students, graduate of ESP school plays a key role, and "COLORS" is live event largest in enforcement, run ESP school.
※All of admission as money of reconstruction aid of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Kumamoto earthquake is ki in the field. . .

We observed the altitude electrician subject new construction construction spot

 On last Wednesday, July 11, we observed the new construction spot by the kindness of Makino electric facilities state targeting at altitude electrician subject 1 annual.

 For first graders that cable wiring training of "electric construction training" subject was just finished, it was class that changed importance of learning because cable, technique same in the latest apartment construction actually saw what was used, and could realize. Students each one continued observing structure or connection point of wiring after the construction eagerly only in the spot of electric construction that we could rarely see.

  . . .

Information business license course carried out visit & lecture in the Japanese Microsoft Shinagawa head office.

 On Friday, July 13, we carried out the cause of Microsoft-like cooperation in Japan, office visit tour and lecture of the Shinagawa head office targeting at information business license course first graders.

 Microsoft Shinagawa head office company visit society carrying out since the information business license department foundation every year in Japan. Students waited expectantly that they could observe company which was globally famous.

 We observe the office in the morning. We deepened understanding what kind of company Japanese Microsoft worked what kind of in. Is new technique in the afternoon; "Microsoft HoloLens.

[application start] Guidance of class targeted for high school teacher

 Class targeted for high school teacher holding in summer vacation will reach the 15th year every year.
We appreciate this with gift of support of all of you, consideration deeply entirely.

 We set keyword AI of the IT industry, course in conjunction with IoT this year.
It is katsu for class of newsy technique and high school including introduction to language Python lecture and lecture of one board PC performing IoT experience using Raspberry Pi 3, lecture of cable broadcasting wireless network construction that featured the theme of school member LAN construction used in AI system development widely. . .

Principal school student received commendation by volunteer from Shinjuku police station!

 Students of Japan Electronics College which performed volunteer activity today at Shinjuku police station on July 3 were commended.
It was current students who learned in high electrician subject, electrician subject, game production graduate course, network security department, ten people in total that was commended this time by Japan Electronics College.

 Students of principal school belonging to the volunteer group "shining Stars" formed by appeal of Tokyo, Metropolitan Police Department, Shinjuku-ku are doing precise correspondence to bond and crime with community with focal point through volunteer.
"It is shining studio in principal school.

■We look for from other categories