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About schedule of 2018 new pupil parents' association

Congratulations on entrance to school.
In principal school, we send substantial school life and we acquire technical knowledge, technique, member of society manner and find a job
We hold parents' association for the purpose of building collaborative relationship with protectors to do.
We have you confirm schedule and would appreciate your attending.

※With "guide of new pupil parents' association whom we saw off after the entrance to school procedure," it is admission ticket at the end of March
In the last guides who mailed this together, we have partial change at holding time of each subject
Please confirm masunodego.

[new pupil parents' association sukeju.

Student of principal school won the championship in "the best information network construction student in Japan deciding match" and got runner up

 On last Friday, April 6, NPO corporation high-informative communication promotion "the best information and communication wiring technology forum 2018 information network construction student in Japan deciding match" hosted by meeting was carried out in Tokyo Big Sight.
 Information and communication wiring technology forum is held for the purpose of contributing to upbringing of engineer of information network construction, social status improvement of person of skill toward realization of broadband information-oriented society as part of spread enlightenment operation every year and is meeting that qualifier society of skill Olympics national convention serves as.
 This time when player of 12 six schools participated in meeting from the whole country. Principal school electricity construction. . .

Principal school student won a prize in "the 14th AC Japan CM student Prize"!

 On last March 9, nonprofit foundation AC commendation ceremony of "the 14th AC Japan advertisement student Prize" hosted by Japan was held in DENTSU hall in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
 Young generation carrying the future deepens understanding to public advertisement through advertisement production, and this contest is contest recruiting CM pictures for 30 seconds for the purpose of bringing up consciousness to "it is public" which it is independent and is concerned with for society.

 All 29 universities, graduate schools TV CM sections of the whole country, 185 works gathered this year. As a result of examination that is careful selection from work that there is number, it is picture work of Japan Electronics College CG picture production department first grader volunteer. . .

We held own play space X Japan Electronics College "game contents battle" commendation ceremony

 We held "GAME CONTENTS BATTLE" (game contents battle) as compound university-industry research collaboration plan with cafe "space create own play space" that RUNSYSTEM Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, president: Daisuke Hidaka) ran for from January 27 to February 28 and carried out the commendation ceremony in principal school Building No. 9 media hall on March 15.

 We were elected by vote from general one, and work of five teams in total won.

<PC gaming Best Picture Award>
●Team tough

<VR. . .

High electrician subject carried out techno duties experience-based training in Japan electrician subject

 For two days on last from Monday, February 26 to 27th Tuesday, we performed internship "duties experience section outside training" as part of class at the cause of cooperation of Japanese techno (the location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo), Japan techno Sodegaura green power (the location: Sodegaura-shi, Chiba), Japan techno Tokyo Service Center (the location: Arakawa-ku, Tokyo), Ken so mega solar power station (the location: Kisarazu-shi, Chiba).

 The internship that it is the third year in this year, and became commuter pass is principal school electrician subject first grader, extracurricular class that all the members participate in of altitude electrician subject second grader. We perform visit of the real spot directly. . .

We won prize for idea by the 14th business produce competition

 By the 14th business produce competition (sponsorship: public corporate judicial person whole country technical school information National Education Association support: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry others) held on last Saturday, January 20, team of information business license course second grader won "prize for idea"!

 Business produce competition is meeting that aimed for announcing business plan that we tied knowledge, technique and idea of self that we usually cultivated to targeting at students of technical schools of the whole country.

 Is divided into three teams from principal school information business license course, and apply, 21 89 pu record-high in the whole meeting. . .

"Own play space" and collaboration realization! We hold university-industry research collaboration plan "GAME CONTENTS BATTLE"!

Japan Electronics College starts "GAME CONTENTS BATTLE" (game contents battle) on Saturday, January 27, 2018 as compound university-industry research collaboration plan with cafe "space create own play space" that RUNSYSTEM Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, president: Daisuke Hidaka) runs.

[with GAME CONTENTS BATTLE (game contents battle)]
We released game work of students of principal school which gathered for future game creator for a limited number in own play space of the whole country. Selection section is two branches, PC of PC gaming section, VR section. . .

Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition 31 "job hunting ON!" We were similar, and job hunting of principal school was taken up

 Last Sunday, December 19, Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition 31 "job hunting ON!" We were similar, and vocational guidance of principal school was taken up.

 Various these days when lack of human resources was demanded throughout the trade and came to hear computer word called "seller's market" well. Technical school which acquired technique that what company had begun to pay attention to was practical was raw. Therefore interest in technical school which maintained the high rate of employment more than university graduate increased and had you report about vocational guidance and support of principal school this time from Yomiuri Shimbun.

[Yomiuri Shimbun morning edition 31 "job hunting ON!" Space PDF]

Principal school student work "cyclops" served as wonderful winning a prize in "ISCA 2017"!

 On last Friday, December 1, 2017, prize winner announcement, screening society of "ISCA2017" (INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS CREATIVE AWARD 2017) which was domestic and foreign universities, graduate schools, international creative award for students of technical school (※ lower than ISCA2017) was held in Grand front desk Osaka narejjikyapitaru.
And, in "domestic picture contents section," work "cyclops" of student who graduated from principal school won wonderful [fine work] last year!

 "It is domestic picture ISCA 2017 of this year.

We won three prizes in admirability for the 26th whole country technical school robot competition steel fight!

 On Friday, December 22, the 26th whole country technical school robot competition steel fight was held in national Olympics memory young people synthesis center.
 We gather students of volunteer than high information processing department, high electrician subject, electrician subject, electronic applied engineering department and challenge competition this year. And "mozukatchan" was a runner up by bipedal robot competition in the third place, autonomy type robot play competition software division "MOAN", and award for excellence excellence software prize and robot of three teams won wonderfully "illusion nohasamitchi"!
<26th technical school robot kyo of the whole country. . .

■We look for from other categories