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March 29, 2018

We held own play space X Japan Electronics College "game contents battle" commendation ceremony

We held own play space X Japan Electronics College "game contents battle" commendation ceremony

 We held "GAME CONTENTS BATTLE" (game contents battle) as compound university-industry research collaboration plan with cafe "space create own play space" that RUNSYSTEM Co., Ltd. (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, president: Daisuke Hidaka) ran for from January 27 to February 28 and carried out the commendation ceremony in principal school Building No. 9 media hall on March 15.

 We were elected by vote from general one, and work of five teams in total won.

<PC gaming Best Picture Award>
●Team tough

<VR game Best Picture Award>
●Hearing dining room 2 (VR)

<own play space prize>
●Team puranna

[as for the close look of the others exhibition work]
■"Own play space Presents game contents battle" official site work introduction

 We make an effort for cooperation project with company to raise learning will of student more in principal school. One where was interested in, please participate in open campus & experience-based entrance to school.

[with GAME CONTENTS BATTLE (game contents battle)]
We released game work of students of principal school which gathered for future game creator for a limited number in own play space of the whole country. In the selection section, 23 works of two branches, PC gaming section 21 work of PC gaming section, VR section, VR section 2 work in total are evaluated by own play space user of all over Japan, and award for excellence and section Prize is decided. Live evaluation of user is fed back to student and is made use in the making of future work.
We present own play space complimentary ticket 500 yen share to 200 people by lot from one that had you evaluate work!

●Please confirm this site about game contents battle.
Exclusive HP:

[reference about compound cafe "space create own play space"]
RUNSYSTEM Co., Ltd. business promotion section
TEL: 03-6907-8118 E-mail:

  • ▲Commendation ceremony venue scenery
  • ▲Commendation ceremony ① free space prize: Team puranna
  • ▲Commendation ceremony ② VR game Best Picture Award: Hearing dining room 2
  • ▲Commendation ceremony ③ PC gaming Best Picture Award: Team tough
  • ▲Commendation ceremony ④ PC gaming Best Picture Award: Yuto Nemoto
  • ▲Commendation ceremony ⑤ PC gaming Best Picture Award: Build
  • ▲Plan comment: RUNSYSTEM Co., Ltd. Takayuki Shiratori
  • ▲It is group photo with all the person concerned and the receiving a prize teams
■We look for from other categories