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March 30, 2018

Principal school student won a prize in "the 14th AC Japan CM student Prize"!

Principal school student won a prize in "the 14th AC Japan CM student Prize"!

 On last March 9, nonprofit foundation AC commendation ceremony of "the 14th AC Japan advertisement student Prize" hosted by Japan was held in DENTSU hall in Minato-ku, Tokyo.
 Young generation carrying the future deepens understanding to public advertisement through advertisement production, and this contest is contest recruiting CM pictures for 30 seconds for the purpose of bringing up consciousness to "it is public" which it is independent and is concerned with for society.

 All 29 universities, graduate schools TV CM sections of the whole country, 185 works gathered this year. "Convenience was chosen as "award for excellence" picture work of Japan Electronics College CG picture production department first grader volunteer as a result of examination that was careful selection from work that there was number if we used definitely" and was shown commendation.

 In the school where we applied for with work, there was little participation of technical school only in famous university. We look forward to future achievement of students to challenge as specialized student.

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"It is convenient if we use definitely"
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●CG picture production department first grader
Shigeki Fujinami, Ryuto Tsukamoto, Kenta Shimizu, Susuki star sound, Mitsuru Hatta, Ayaka Sato, Ko Miyakawa of Miura peach

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