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CG, picture

Subject introduction

We become CG designer expressing the world of non-experience

Computer graphics department

Computer graphics department

CG animation specialty / game CG specialty two years system

CG becomes VFX creator who handles live-action film picture freely, too

CG picture production department

CG picture production department

Two years system

We become technical CG creator creating CG of world level

Computer graphics graduate course

Computer graphics graduate course

Three years system

What kind of industry is the field of CG, picture?
We have effect of Hollywood, and company where is specialized in much CG (computer graphics) is established in Japan, and a lot of attractive works are produced. 3DCG movie "Jurassic Park" series and new CG technology and picture expression including "avatar" that gave the movie industry shock are developed in sequence, and social, CG technology gives influence stronger than expected.
If we aim at the field of CG, picture
CG technology which is indispensable to picture, movie, game, animation, CM now. It is the highest and, let alone possibility to be able to become "specialist who mastered one technique" "generalist detailed for all 3DCG", can play an in the future world role by seeing a lot of various movies and pictures.
Aptitude of the field of CG, picture?
Because sensitivity of producer controls completeness of work, needs to creator with originality continues increasing. It may be said that condition of person succeeding in the CG industry is person who had greedy posture for superior design and sense of color, communication, wide knowledge, manufacturing for all fields.

More particularly, to "about CG, the picture industry and the learning"

For production of famous work
A lot of graduates of the field of CG, picture participate

The movie "Blade Runner 2049" "Paddington 2" "Beauty and the Beast (2017)" "trip of Fanta stick beast and magician" "children whom "DESTINY Kamakura thing is enough" who are strange with mistake Pele Glyn" "your name." Game "FF" very popular "shin Godzilla" "man called pirates" by "Attack on Titan" "parasitism beast" "Dragon Quest" "Monster Hunter" "biohazard" "dragon graduates much commencing with each nyo ku" "sumabura" "Pokemon" "King Yugi" "Sengoku Basara" series in celebrity work over animation "Doraemon" "Yo-Kai Watch" "dress" "IM@S" "Pretty Cure" "SORD art online" "GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation" "teiruzuobuzesutiriazakurosu" others many divergences are participation.

"Trip of Fanta stick beast and magician"
©2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
"Blade Runner 2049" [first production-limited]
©2017 Alcon Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
"DESTINY Kamakura thing is enough" ©2017; production Committee

Motion picture very popular all over the world that we learned in JEOL, and work of graduate who played an active part abroad was praised highly

  • Pacific Rim:Maelstrom
  • The Labyrinth
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • The Mummy
  • Wonder Woman
  • Alien: kovenanto
  • Wilde speed ICE BREAK
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • John J. Wick chapter 2
  • Hemp sink lead
  • Trip of fantastic beast and magician
  • Inferno
  • Deep water horizon
  • Miss Pele Glyn and strange children
  • Star trek BEYOND
  • Ghostbusters
  • Tarzan: REBORN
  • Walk Raft
  • X-MEN: apokaripusu
  • King of Egypt
  • Dead pool
  • Bridge of spy
  • PAN - Never Land, beginning of dream ...
  • Pixel
  • Terminator: New start / jienishisu
  • antoman
  • Death road of mud lime max anger
  • Wilde speed SKY MISSION
  • daibajiento NEO
  • Pupil of seventh sun buff trainer
  • Project almanack
  • EX MACHINA - essence makina
  • Black hat
  • Secret of King of night museum Egypt
  • Spell of pyramid
  • Paddington
  • Interchanges Teller
  • Dracula ZERO
  • Corner of Horne suspect and confession
  • Shelter
  • Mutant turtle
  • Guardian's of galaxy
  • Maleficent
  • X-MEN: Future & past
  • Godzilla Godzilla
  • Trang sen den
  • Space station 76
  • Eye Frankenstein
  • Hanger game 2
  • Mighty so / dark world
  • Game of ender
  • It is sometimes meatball 2 cloudy weather
  • Secret of food animal birth
  • Parseeism Jackson and gods of Olympos: The dangerous sea
  • Man of steal
  • Wilde speed EURO MISSION
  • Great Gatsby
  • Les Miserables
  • Life of pie / tiger and 227 days when we drifted
  • Total recall
  • Amazing Spider-Man
  • Prometheus
  • Snow white
  • Mission: Impossible / ghost protocol
  • Great adventure on Arthur Christmas
  • Rial steal
  • The Lion King 3D
  • Treasure PART2 of Harry Potter and death
  • Captain America the first abenja
  • Action for marriage zoo of Mr. zoo goalkeeper
  • Transformers dark side moon
  • Green lantern
  • Rapunzel on tower
  • The future when you gave
  • Great war by Katz & dogs earth's greatest meat balls
  • Iron Man 2
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Parseeism Jackson and gods of Olympos
  • ATOM
  • It is sometimes meatball cloudy weather
  • Spy animal G force
  • Transformers revenge
  • Monster VS alien
  • Watch men
  • Valkyrie
  • Treasure of the emperor cursed hamunaputora 3
  • Kung fu panda
  • Speed racer
  • Brave man that it is cursed Beowulf
  • B Movie
  • Transformers
  • Surfs up
  • Spider-Man 3
  • Meet the Robinsons
  • Mutant turtle -TMNT-
  • The Star-Spangled Banner of father
  • Opening season
  • Superman returns
  • Narnia story Chapter 1: Lion and witch
  • E on flux
  • Stealth bomber
  • Polar express
  • Eye, robot
  • Spider-Man 2
  • The Animatrix
  • Matrix Lillo dead
  • Stewart little 2
  • Spider-Man
  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Final Fantasy
  • Cast away
  • Charlie's angel
  • Invisible
  • Stewart little
  • Misguided Angel
  • Counterattack of Batman & Robin Mr. freeze
  • Mars attack!
  • Miracle adventure / kazan
  • Clones
  • Babe
  • supishizu The Origin of Species

A lot of others

(we investigate the present for from 1995 to December, 2016)
※The number of years is public age of North America

In CG, the VFX training in Canada Vancouver
World top creator and interchange

In surprise and the training filled with impressions, we can greatly grow up as creator

A lot of graduates playing an active part abroad want to work abroad in the future! The field of CG, picture with many students too called this. We carry out the training in Vancouver that grew up in world's largest CG, VFX community targeting at applicants in JEOL. Comfortable climate that Maple Leaf where Vancouver of September changed color at the end of the dry season begins to dance in. Including Sony Pictures image work, we visit studios such as MPC, CAPCOM Vancouver, Bardell entertainment about CG. In addition, we carry out exchange meeting with Japanese creator playing an active part locally including principal school graduate. We prepare for program filled with many encounters and stimulation.

Sony Pictures image work visit

It is instructed work by graduate, Kazuki Takahashi and others Japanese artist

Creator and interchange of CAPCOM Vancouver

Visit to MPC studio having large-scale studio all over the world

We are selected for festival "SIGGRAPH" of the world's largest CG
The results that are more than 30 years in battle front of CG, the picture industry

36 works that teacher and student were engaged in production win a prize in festival of CG which the world pays attention to

SIGGRAPH that latest results of research and works by company and educational institution of CG, the picture industry leading world entertainment gather in a hall. Novel art expression and new technology announced here are international societies of the most authoritative CG in the world utilized in entertainment works such as movie or game released all over the world. 36 various projects that teacher and student are concerned with are selected for principal school since 1982. We are doing the screening and display, announcement locally.

In front of electric theater. Principal school Takahashi teacher, student (four), Sasada teacher (from ※ left)

Flooding table, Mikami your; is great (student), winning work "diorama table" of Takahashi teacher, Sasada teacher

Makoto Suzuki, winning work "EVOBEAT" of original size (student)

Winning work "Floated Through My Mind" of Takahashi teacher, Sasada teacher

Winning work product "Rakugaki"

Subject introduction

We become CG designer expressing the world of non-experience

Computer graphics department

Computer graphics department

CG animation specialty / game CG specialty two years system

CG becomes VFX creator who handles live-action film picture freely, too

CG picture production department

CG picture production department

Two years system

We become technical CG creator creating CG of world level

Computer graphics graduate course

Computer graphics graduate course

Three years system

Support message from the industry ※The full name order of the kana syllabary

Frame store

Digital Matte Painter

Sugimura spring Kaori

We are from Chiba City Inage High School
Computer graphics graduate course graduation

After principal school computer graphics graduate course graduation, it is entered the company by domestic CG production company. We are engaged in movie "space brothers" for live-action film and play an active part in VFX company frame store of Canada Montreal as digital mat painter afterwards.

"Trip of Fanta stick beast and magician"
©2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

"Blade Runner 2049" [first production-limited]
©2017 Alcon Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

"Paddington 2"

"PAN Never Land, beginning of dream"

Because we continued without giving up
There is oneself present.

Important one "effort to continue". Chance comes by all means.

We do digital mat painter making background of hollywood movie with CG. The most new work "alien dealt with shot of mine by cityscape of NY, "PAN Never Land, beginning of dream" on big spaceship and planet, "Fanta stick beast and trip of magician" in kovenanto" (September, 2017 exhibition). As quality is very high, all works want you to watch by all means over the whole book.

Acquire experience in Japanese picture production company, and is relationship; and to foreign countries. Motion picture called "Dracula ZERO" engaged in very first in the present company was a series of trouble. Without shot that is important in the situation not to understand process of work in overseas studio at all suddenly being left, and knowing English well in those days, too; in panic state. As overseas artist came home at 6:00 of the appointed hour, it remained in studio where nobody was into the night and worked in half beso state for a fret and fear (laugh). We remember that we can finish somehow and were relieved while having you help toward the circumference. In that way we grew up little by little. One aiming for being engaged in hollywood movie abroad recommends that we lay emphasis on English study by all means.

We are used to local work environment now, and what hear story that each country is various and inside story of other studios from artists of the world is fun. In addition, because there are many chances when work of famous hollywood movie is dealt with as it is major studio, we can always maintain motivation highly, and every day is really excited.

It might be surprised, but, in fact, we were not good at school days of JEOL, class of CG, and it was all could do to follow class. But we were blessed with good teachers and friends, and we could catch up with class somehow, and school life was substantial very much. It might be hot, but thinks, "it was really good that, anyway, we do not stop on the way" heartily when we look back. There is now simply because we moved forward without giving up. Continuation feels importance of power or continuing very much. We are engaged in hollywood movie which was admiration in good studio of overseas labor circumstances if we notice while devoting itself to problem at hand earnestly, and overcoming little by little.

We think that after all "effort to continue" is important abroad in Japan. We acquire technique by continuing, and encounter comes under various influences with various people. While we do so, we think that chance toward place having own goal of getting comes by all means. Please do not regret "effort to continue" by all means. Dream is granted!

[frame store PROFILE]
It is Europe's biggest CG, VFX production company which we established in 1986 that frame store (Framestore) establishes the head office in U.K. London and has studio in Montreal, Los Angeles, New York. "Zero gravity" released in 2013 wins seven branches of most at the 86th Academy Award. In addition, we win by real CG production that melted into live-action film in IMAGINA AWARD 2004 direction section /CM section prize winner "Johnie Walker Fish".
"Harry Potter" series, "007" series, "arumagedon," it is "Guardian's of galaxy" others "oar you need is kill" "Robocop" "zero gravity" "Narnia story" series, "avatar" "adventure golden compass of Lila" "Charlie and chocolate factory" "Troy"

Industrial light & magic

Technical Director

Kazuki Takahashi

We are from Akita Tachimoto-so High School
Computer graphics graduate course

After graduating from Akita birth, Japan Electronics College computer graphics graduate course in 1983, we cross in Canada via domestic CG production, game company in 2013 and play an active part as technical director now in ILM.

"Blade Runner 2049" [first production-limited]
©2017 Alcon Entertainment, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Blu-ray premium edition [first production-limited] February 3 release 6,800 yen (tax-excluded)
Release, sales agency: Sony Pictures entertainment

We are going to always improve oneself
Posture is important.

"All" of having learned is useful for the present work.

I thought to want to do work abroad from school days. When we go to drink with friends, we remember that we told that it is saying "after all it is foreign country" well. Meanwhile, work which senior on one year of JEOL Era was engaged in is VES prizeWe were nominated for this. Though there should be no difference only in 1, senior who knew each other by sight swelled or was shocked by far-off world person when it had been. And this news steps forward to one step to dream to "want to work for me abroad"; was a chance big.
We put into action immediately and arrived at overseas CG picture production company afterwards to place to get informal appointment about half a year later. Without that affair, we might continue working in Japan while having feeling of antagonism.

We are doing special work for emergency called technical director that program and both knowledge and techniques of design are called into question now. We are doing work of writing / shiedingu / rendering circumference mainly in that. Every day is substantial and is fun (laugh). With "X-MEN: future & past" and "Maleficent," we made custom shieda (program) which could create visual effects of better shadow. As for "X-MEN: future & past," there is in particular very deeply impressive thing by movie engaged in a whole bunch from beginning to end. We are really glad that movie which oneself was engaged in is released. When own idea was adopted, we feel worth doing. When it is adopted, we give presentation how it is "good thing" and get GO signature, and there is worth doing, and process before sending it to designer is very fun.

It is "all" useful for the present work to have learned in JEOL. For example, it is Linux and programming language from the basics of rendering. All elements necessary for technical director including work in Maya and editing in After Effects are included in having learned in JEOL. We were very thankful for this. There is big difference in not having with having the basics.

It was amateur who entered for reasons of the degree to be available both of programmer and designer at first who entered JEOL. Even such I am engaged in production of hollywood movie. This being that oneself is always careful, but, anyway, "not giving up." The CG industry is only people who are strong in hungry mind. Posture that is going to improve oneself is very always important. If we learn the basics well in JEOL and do our best than rival, we think that we are born plenty in chance when we can play an active part in the CG industry.

※Trade group which consists of artist and engineer, supervisor, supervisor engaged in visual effects
Prize that association of visual effects (Visual Effects Society, VES) hosts and enforces

[industrial light & magic PROFILE]
Industrial light & magic (Industrial Light & Magic ※ abbreviation ILM) is production company of special effects of the United States and VFX. We are owned by Lucasfilm and put branch office in Singapore, Canada Vancouver, U.K. London. We win 15 times of academy Visual Effects Award. We receive approximately 20 nomination and are one of VFX production companies of world's highest mountain class accomplishing 22 times of receiving a prize in academy technology prize.
"Star Wars" series, "Jurassic Park" series, "Harry Potter" series, "abenjazu" series, "Iron Man" series, "Pirates of Cali lesbian" series, "Transformers" series, "Back to the Future" series, "Indiana Jones" series, "doctor strike range," it is "E.T." others "stone needs" "Titanic" "The Never Ending Story" "avatar" "Wally".

Double is negative

Concept artist

Koji Tajima

We are from Tokyo Metropolitan Chitose hill High School
Computer graphics department graduation

It was born in 1990. After principal school graduation, we start carrier as CG modeler of freelance. Double transfers negatively in 2012. We are playing an active part as concept artist of hollywood movie.

"Mistake Pele Glyn and strange children"
©2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Highest award work "Werewolf"

Koji Tajima anthology & ZBrush technique
©2016 Kouji Tajima/ publishing office: Graphic company

Koji Tajima artworks ZBrush&Photoshop technique
©2016 Kouji Tajima
Publishing office: genkosha

Use up all energy not to be sorry!
Key that it founds door to dream.

We aim at world's best CG creator from JEOL!

We did basketball and band all the time in the days of high school and were high school student whom there was anywhere. Opportunity when we came to be interested in seriously in the CG industry is course guidance in high school. As we loved "Toy Story" of Pixar, we felt charm for such a work, but were convinced, "it is impossible for oneself" without permission in those days. However, the word, "achievement in Hollywood was not dream if we studied hard for two years even if 3DCG was inexperienced" of JEOL sounded through chest very much. And "is good! We studied in JEOL, and motivation switch to become the number one in the world entered in Hollywood. It was confidence without grounds, but the title page to "dream" that we wanted to aim at was opened moment.

Days to devote itself to the making of work after having entered JEOL. Because "it was the number one in the world," we kept student work in mind let alone aim to make thing of "Hollywood quality". So we remember that we stayed in training room if we have time after class was over. After what applied for entered "3DCG AWARD 2010"; one year later. What was able to win the highest award in contest that we intended to try ability and applied for encouraged oneself very much. And, triggered by this contest, it is LucasfilmEmail of offer arrived as creator from artist of this. However, as for English at the time, "hello" is limit. Of course offer has spread. We were really annoyed at that time. We studied English conversation desperately immediately afterwards.

Start carrier as artist of freelance after the graduation, to Singaporean branch office of negative double one year later. "Concept artist" that work suggests images such as view of the world or character of motion picture. In fact, we were able to work with artist of Lucasfilm where we contacted then for those school days. Because oneself present did not determine without regrettable experience of then, we were really glad. We are engaged in various works now in Canadian studio of the company. We had you leave design of main character in "mistake Pele Glyn and strange children" for the first time and realized joy entrusted with important work from the heart.

Goal to "become the number one in the world" which we dreamed of at the age of high school student is present continuous (laugh). Is greenhorn still more, but is days of study still more towards height. We always try to use up all energy for work, but it thinks that even the making of work of school days is surely the same thing. We want to be serious and to enjoy study not to make any thought, regret as hard as possible how you use this valuable time when there is not for everybody who is going to learn in JEOL only now.

※Picture production company which George Lucas established with Lucasfilm (Lucasfilm) in 1971. Pioneer of picture production company which sent Star Wars series off in the life.

[double negative PROFILE]
Picture production company which is located in London, UK that began in 1998 in 30 staff. We put branch office in Vancouver, Mumbai and grow up now in VFX production company having the more than 1900 staff. We deal with popularity series such as "impossible "007" "Wilde speed", and "interchanges Teller" wins academy Visual Effects Award "Inception" mission" "Harry Potter" in "essence makina" in 2015 in 2014 in 2010.
"Biohazard II apokaripusu" "The Da Vinci Code" "Godzilla Godzilla" "essence makina" "abenjazu / age of Ull Tron" "terminator, start / jienishisu, is "Blade Runner 2049" others "Wonder Woman" "hemp sink lead" "trip of Fanta stick beast and magician" "mistake Pele Glyn and strange children" "Jason Vaughn" "trip at Alice in Wonderland / time" "birth of Batman vs. Superman justice" "hanger game FINAL: revolution" <is going to be released in 2017> newly "Wilde speed ICE BREAK" "star trek BEYOND" "kingdom of Snow white / ice":"

About CG, the picture industry and the learning

To learn CG, picture?

How will you contact with picture in everyday life? Please image own everyday life. As for the relation with picture such as people using video sites such as person watching TV show well, person loving animation, person, YouTube going to see movie frequently habitually, person thinks each. In late years imaging technique progresses, and there may be person with impression, "3D technology is great though we do not know well" while we play game of the 3D function deployment to see 3D movie in movie theater. "Do most of TV and the movies not see?…Person called "will notice that we contact with picture unconsciously such as CM and vision advertisement in train, screen advertisement, too.

It is picture overflowing for daily life in this way, but "on earth how will be made?" Have you not thought, "what kind of high technique will be used?" We think that we have heard the word CG (computer graphic), there may be many people who do not get a hint too much when said "latest CG technology is what and how is utilized for picture making?". It is subject of CG, picture to learn such a technique through training concretely.

What is meaning to learn about CG, picture?

It is generally said to be to advance to field of CG picture production, and to continue working if "original idea power and power of expression" are necessary. Whether you can surely bring about superior picture, design depends on talent and the accidental nature of individual to some extent. However, we do not have a meaning if we cannot make the idea form called work no matter how much idea power is rich. It is demanded that we can manage the highest imaging technique to embody original idea as work. It will not be exaggeration even if we say that understanding, the acquisition of high imaging technique includes meaning of learning about CG, picture.

You learn the highest imaging technique, too, and do you not take next-generation CG production?

What do you learn about CG, picture specifically?

Learning matter about CG, picture is introduced to many divergences. At first, we learn usage of elementary operation and 2D graphics tool "Photoshop" of 3DCG production tool "Maya" "Illustrator" and learn about the basics of sketch, molding, CG programming in addition. We learn picture production that made full use of high CG software practically and learn skill to play an active part in the front line of the highest digital picture expression and industry afterwards. We learn high techniques such as the direction for uses, VFX (special visual effects produce picture which is special using 3DCG live-action film picture and visual effects to compose), motion capture (system which sets up reflection marker in the human body, and takes movement in computer in real time) of 3DCG production tool "3dsMax" and three-dimensional molding tool "ZBrush" for CG and wear expression skill of CG picture. There are many schools which perform graduation production, and release work outside.

Does it not need to have a lot on CG technology?

On seeing the learning matter mentioned above, there will be person who felt, "it seems to be quite difficult unlike image" if there is person who thought, "it seems to be interesting". But "you never know CG technology, and can you not follow class?…It is not necessary to worry with ". As there are many schools which professional teacher playing an active part in the front line of CG, picture industry instructs directly, such a skill can wear stage after the entrance to school later. It is posture that learns about CG, picture widely, and is going to learn skill to be demanded. As CG, picture is field where speed of technical progress is very fast, it may be said that we are greedy, and the wrestling spirit of self-advancement and enthusiasm are demanded from the acquisition of skill. In the case of employment, we can emphasize strength by acquiring ability for designs such as sketch or molding, color in addition to CG skill generally.

What kind of qualification can you acquire when you learn CG, picture?

As qualification that we can acquire by learning CG, picture, there are qualification about information and qualification about design. As former masterpiece, we can acquire "basic information engineer" who is national qualification of the representative information system. In the case of employment, it becomes advantageous to acquire national qualification of such an information system at the present when security of high IT human resources becomes urgent business. In addition, it is private qualification, but can acquire "CG creator official approval" "CG engineer official approval" "multimedia official approval" (official approval by association of each CG-ARTS). As latter masterpiece, we can acquire private qualifications such as "color official approval" "color coordinator official approval".

Work utilized learning of CG, picture?

Work utilized learning of CG, picture is introduced to many divergences and can be engaged in picture production in CG creator and CG designer (2D, 3D), CG programmer, VFX creator, digital picture creator, various forms including illustrator after the graduation. CG is used in wide field, and many companies such as animation and TV, production company of movie, picture system recruit adoption. It is expected that we make a foray into various fields, and it may be said that tendency that continues increasing is strong as for the demand in future. More important role comes to be demanded from CG creator and CG designer by progress of CG technology, and there is work load in tendency to increase, too.

Person with interest, please check occupations such as CG creator or CG designer in detail.

Income of work about CG?

When we find a job in general company as creator and designer, 3,000,000-5,000,000 of thing varying according to office company and areas becomes average yearly income. Because demand is increasing occupation, it may be adopted by good service depending on technique and experience, but it is said that base salary is generally hard work cheaply. There are a lot of people finding a job in company as place of ascetic practices to wear skill to become independent in the future, and to act with free. As for the income, considerable in one which is up to ability whether high income is got in the case of free from beginning to end; vary (top-level CG designer seems to make money more than yearly income 10 million yen). It becomes key how long high skill is worn.

■We look for in the same field
■We look for from other fields