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Open campus & experience-based entrance to school
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  • We become graphic design department designer sending expression from various fields
Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

Graphic design department Graphics Design

We can learn "design" in wide field including advertisement, magazine, poster, CD jacket, game, Web, smartphone application and electronic book. We plan by cooperation class with prominent firm and give presentation and experience process like business after we attend society. As we can learn way of thinking and the basics of design in workshop just after entrance to school, inexperienced person is reliable, too.

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    The type of job to aim at

    • Graphic designer
    • Illustrator
    • Editorial designer
    • Art directors

    Point of learning

    We bring up designer becoming adaptable fighting potential by company cooperation education corresponding to industry needs

    It begins for how to contact to client company and we can learn until plan planning and presentation progressively and acquire skill necessary for designer in many company cooperation problems steadily.

    It supports skill that UX/UI, Sketch, the times including digital signage demand

    We bring up creator whom we can approach from multi-directions such as the game industry or illustrator by wearing skill that the industry demands.

    It produces a lot of graduates dealing with illustrations of social game application and light Novell

    Graduates dealing with original illustration of light Novell which rang for avatar designer of glee, designer of LINE stamp, animation play an active part much.

    Current students interview

    We can become illustrator who was dream and are happy!

    Kazuki Sato
    We are from Riccho, Chiba narrow high school

    Inner always making the first move / Sanrio Co., Ltd.

    Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
    It was dream to become illustrator, but curriculum and facilities to be able to learn well became decisive factor from the basics in two years when we thought that we fixed our eyes on employment and wanted to study graphic design.
    Q. Remaining in impression most?
    We liked class that active graphic designer made lecturer. You could give an advice in professional glance for work, and it was impressive to have listened to story of the industry.
    Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
    You believe oneself, and please value dream. Reassuring support that I thought, "you can fail" in severe job hunting led to realization of dream. It is happy about work to send smile and happiness to people.

    Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

    Full design environment where creator of the industry is surprised at in current software and the latest technique

    Computer training room that can support all design production
    It is the highest learning environment that machine parts which are necessary for latest iMac, 3D PRN and pen tablet, creator including digital single-lens reflex camera were enriched to acquire technique to play an active part as graphic designer of adaptable fighting potential. Facilities that it is granted that we want to do it are prepared.
    Sketch room to be able to extend technique and way of thinking to
    We learn view and how to catch to become basics in learning design mainly on class of freehand drawing in sketch room. We wear technique that can express a certain idea as concrete form in head before designing with computer. We can raise drawing technology by commentary using projector in classroom, too.

    We acquire much-talked-about state-of-the-art quickly in the original textbook industry where is full of much-talked-about technique and education know-how

    Core course teacher writing original textbook
    We produce original textbook to be able to learn from technique and rule, investigation, the basics including proposal making of design to application progressively based on know-how of teacher. Invention that even beginner acquires technique, knowledge steadily is done.
    "Photoshop" "Illustrator" "InDesign"
    Including design layout soft "InDesign for professional used throughout the trade," we use "Photoshop" "Illustrator". The latest technique necessary now including EPUB production for digital signage editing software and electronic books which fixed their eyes on electronic advertisement is acquired.
    "Sketch," it is digital signage
    One of a few subjects that graphic design department introduces "Sketch" in technical school. We learn UI design in "Sketch", and place of achievement opens by acquiring power that can support digital content such as digital signage.

    Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

    By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

    Main workplace

    Cook building / Tokyo color photo process / kowa / ei*doinsuri / Tominaga / Daikou CLIE / Tosho Printing / three reports Corporation print / east beauty / Troyes plan / studio Peacock / Kazuma Corporation / Arc System Works / Brains network / Prince honor Corporation / Sankyo art / Hiraga / essence craft / fair wind / poparu / water print / Yamaichi print / of Institute for Sanrio / mixi /GREE/ FIJIFILM global graphic systems / pico ton /PlayArtFukuoka/ uniko / Yamamoto design / SATO HOLDINGS / kokuni / eye S eye / Naked / child; a lot of studio / morning sun ADTEC / S Thor / six temple / S communication / Media Kobo / orange design laboratories / Samantha tabasa / Isetan / Sankei Shimbun / scarab studio / Sanyo Engineering & Construction / a great number of / SIMM / TASS TASS / Shoei art others

    ■We look for in the same field
    ■We look for from other fields