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  • We become electric chief engineer supporting living that electrician subject is comfortable, and is rich
Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

Electrician subject Electrical Engineering

We bring up human resources whom design, maintenance, operation, management of electric installation of traffic infrastructure such as large building or railroads such as airport, building, amusement facilities supervises. In core course that is Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry "electricity chief engineer" authorization subject, all teachers hold electric chief engineer or electricity construction person qualification. We bring up electric human resources who can play an active part throughout the trade as adaptable fighting potential after the graduation by class along business of the electric industry.

Subject blog

    The type of job to aim at

    • Electric chief technology
    • Building management engineer
    • Facility design engineer
    • Electric construction people

    Point of learning

    100% of employment results※

    Job offer needs of the electric industry which is indispensable to everyday life is always stable. It is hard to be influenced by economy and can do stable work after the employment. Employment support to industry leader company is perfect, too.
    ※The March, 2018 graduate results

    It is advantageous to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorization subject "electricity chief engineer" qualification

    It is without examination in super difficulty nation qualification "second kind, Chief three kinds electricity engineers" about 10% of pass rates, and it is possible acquisition ※, and the acquisition of "the second kind electricity construction person" is possible only by examination pass of practical examination, too.
    ※After the graduation, is without examination by application after the third kind passed through higher than two years as for the second kind by work experience more than five years; the acquisition.

    Renewable energy including "photovoltaic power generation" to spread is learned in future

    We learn "the energy management" to manage with generation technology including photovoltaic power generation, large-scale battery technology, power network by IT utilization efficiently.

    Graduate message

    Nomura Real Estate Development partners
    Yasuyuki Endo

    We are from Tokyo private institution Tokyo vocational high school

    After graduating from electric course of high school, we entered a school of higher grade in JEOL. Anyway, class to move hand including training was interesting during attendance at school. As we acquired qualification of second kind electricity construction person in high school days, it was more practical in JEOL and was able to learn generally. We are working at department of building facilities maintenance now. In building, lighting and air conditioning, facilities in conjunction with electricity including anti-disaster facility are various. We cannot miss knowledge about the electric whole. It becomes one step of lead, own strength about electric knowledge and technique because we learned let alone characteristic widely!

    Current students interview

    We want to be engaged in design of photovoltaic power generation in the future

    Ryota Okamura
    Tokyo Denki University independence withdrawal from school from Tokyo Metropolitan Kasai technical high school

    The inner always making the first move / NTT facility center

    Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
    Manufacturing wanted to make, and went to technical high school, and advanced to university, but of oneself was not able to want to do. We thought and decided that it was here to hear story of senior by school festival of JEOL.
    Q. Remaining in impression most?
    It is to have won the championship at robot contest that we participated in during one year. It was really pleasant to aim at world meeting in cooperation with friend of other subjects while getting advice of teacher.
    Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
    If it is decided that we want to do it, technical school which can learn thing that is more practical than university which can learn widely deeply is good. We can assert that it was not mistake to have chosen JEOL with confidence.

    Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

    Technique and core course original training room usable on the site that knowledge acquires

    Electric experiment training room which was fully equipped with measurement machine parts which professional used
    No matter how much there is knowledge about electricity, it cannot be said that with that alone it is professional. We actually carry out education to establish important point in checking by experiment to bring up human resources who had technique as well as knowledge in core course. Measurement machine parts same as professional are fully equipped with by lecture in exclusive laboratory which is made to test what we learned immediately.
    Energy management & PV system
    Commencing with photovoltaic power generation that the use begins in as one of the earth and eco-friendly next-generation generation technologies, we learn about various generation technology including wind power, waterpower, heat. In addition, we learn about management, control technique not to use electricity that generated electricity idly. We acquire technique necessary for the energy management by total through such a learning.

    As for a lot of original apparatuses by electric experiment teaching materials core course teacher of professional specifications

    Measuring equipment for electric experiment of principal school original
    Including power supply board for experiment that core course teacher designed, we learn using apparatus for experiment of electric circuit by teacher production and many original apparatuses such as transformers and device. Effective learning that we focused on not to be possible is possible with the commercial teaching materials.
    Advanced open-source software Jw_cad
    We learn about design, making of facilities receiving design, making, high pressure of indoor electricity wiring diagram in construction CAD application software "Jw_cad" used widely in the world of designing.
    Original textbook which linked training class
    Original textbook which we packed with education know-how of core course by the history of electric professional training 47 years. Principal school teacher writes this book to revise every year. It is devised so that student is easy to know by contents which are usable in conjunction with training class.

    Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

    By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

    Main workplace

    It is a lot of light / completion Yuuraku real estate / Keio facilities service / Sotetsu company /ANA sky building service / Kashima building synthesis management / Takasago Marusei engineering / Mitsubishi Electric plant engineering / Narita airport techno /NTT facility center others on association of Hokkaido Electric Power / Tokyo Metro / Tobu engineering / Keio Corp. / Tokyu facility service / Kanto electricity preservation / Naka Nihon highway engineering Tokyo / Furukawa instrumentation / Isuzu building maintenance / Mita engineering / Yasuda estate service / East Japan electricity engineering /IHI Logitec / Japan Bill Kong / completion / Toyo Building maintenance / Taihei building service / glove ship / Japan elevator service / Kowa Real Estate Investment facility / Nomura Real Estate Development partners / ion day

    Qualification to get

    • ・Electric chief engineer
    • ・Electric construction person
    • ・Authorized electric construction worker
    • ・Construction class teacher person
    • ・denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi
    • ・kankojihodokoshikokanrigishi
    • ・date*hodokoshikokanrigishi
    • ・Dangerous materials operating personnel
    • ・Firefighting equipment person
    • ・High pressure electricity operating personnel low pressure electricity operating personnel
    ■We look for in the same field
    ■We look for from other fields