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Open campus & experience-based entrance to school
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  • It becomes behind-the-scenes central figure Electric construction person supporting electric construction technology department life
Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

Electric construction technology department Electrical Work Techniques

We bring up human resources performing electric construction such as standard home or building, Internet-related facilities construction. Not only it is useful for electric construction person qualification, but also class that spot experience-rich teacher performs using training machine parts same as professional is only what it is useful for in the real construction spot. Graduate performs electric construction of building left on map including Roppongi Hills and the Tokyo Skytree including Tokyo Disneyland ®.

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    The type of job to aim at

    • Electric construction person
    • Electric construction construction management engineer
    • Network construction engineer
    • Photovoltaic power generation construction engineers

    Point of learning

    The employment results of 100% of every year

    It is strongly 100% a year of employment results for recession. We extend, and, including construction person and independent businessman working in company, more than 3000 core course graduates are playing an active part throughout the trade. Trust from the industry is warm; as for a lot of job offers.

    Correspondence complete for "second kind electricity construction person" all the members acquisition first class skill examination

    As for the core course student of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorization subject, all the members acquire "second kind electricity construction person" at the time of completion for one year. Furthermore, we support "first-class electric construction person" of upper qualification skill examination measures carefully.

    We can learn "photovoltaic power generation" that is necessary technique "network construction" in the modern society

    As for 1 annual, we learn "photovoltaic power generation system installation" "network construction" in "second kind electricity construction person" qualification next for two years. As technique of wide field is acquired, future alternative spreads.

    Graduate message

    NR train line techno
    Yu Asai

    We are from Clark commemorative international high school

    We work as electric construction person performing washing and stretching of overhead wire in train line construction company. We get in tower wagon of gauge land type, and work starts. You must perform precisely and speedily in limited time and are at all work not to pass through mind, but feel always big worth doing when you think that you are engaged in work to remain, and to protect service that there is not and security of passenger of train. When JEOL did instruction that teachers were conscious of real examination before qualifying examination individually, and early stage just after entrance to school gave opportunity to think about what oneself wanted to do in the future, it was really good school of taking care. Advice of teachers whom interchange follows after the graduation is useful in really various scenes.

    Current students interview

    Participation to skill Olympics was valuable experience!

    Ryo Murakami
    We are from Kanagawa Prefectural Ayase High School

    Inner always making the first move / Kyowa Exeo Corporation

    Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
    It was good impression to be close in distance of teacher and student in open campus. Originally it contributes to the fact that it entered this school we are interested in electric construction, and to have been able to have informal appointment by favorite work.
    Q. Remaining in impression most?
    We participate in skill Olympics national convention to compete for information network construction. It was complete defeat for professional, but was glad that it became the student first place. It was great pressure, but was had a valuable experience.
    Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
    The beginning of entrance to school did not have particular aim, but we examine next first-class electricity construction person by the advice of teacher for one year and pass. If we decide aim and do our best, result is given by all means. Please do your best.

    Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

    We train practice technology to take setting social lifeline on in "solar panel" "jitsushuyonoborihashira"

    We acquire from foundations of PV system to construction technology
    We learn basic technique of PV system for industrial use, house which attracts attention as next-generation renewable energy and learn construction technology of PV system for house. In addition, we fix learning environment just like the spot with similar facilities that professional including noborihashira (telephone pole) and high pressure facilities to receive for training uses.
    Specialty machine parts which can support meeting to compete with professional are fulfilling
    We gather in students of volunteer and are participated in deciding match young fellow manufacturing meet, national skill Olympics, information network construction student Japan's most every year. All the usual learning environment including electric construction and network construction is available for machine parts and jitame, meeting to compete with professional that professional uses on the site. We can acquire practical technique to become adaptable fighting potential.

    As for the connection teaching materials of exclusive panel optical fiber which assumed on-site electric construction

    Measuring instrument of professional specifications
    We acquire right usage of measuring instrument which is well used in the construction spot to cope with the professional spot including "various insulation resistance measuring instruments" of professional specifications that possession is fixed for by law every office "grounding resistance measuring instrument" "volt ohm milliameter" immediately.
    We are fully equipped with a variety of interconnect equipment and tester
    We are fully equipped with light pulse tester made in LAN cable and optical fiber fusion connecter, connector interconnect equipment, ANRITSU Corporation. We can learn about home securities such as security cameras that demand increases rapidly.
    Training that is practical with panel for electrical wiring is possible
    We prepare for task panel for electricity construction training to perform various wiring work and apparatus installation construction to give a professional response immediately on the site. We wire by oneself and confirm whether you can use according to instructions of circuit diagram.

    Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

    By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

    Main workplace

    It is a lot of authority of sincerity electric facilities / Mita engineering /NR train line techno / Japanese yen engineering / Hamano electric facilities / Nichiden / shinkodensha / Showa Denko facilities / Yamaka Electric Construction / Rokko Denki / meidensha / Masumi electric facilities / Tokyo-based / nichibo / ichinaridenso / Japan electric facilities train line construction / YAMATO electric facilities / Naka Nihon highway engineering Tokyo / Toyo Building maintenance / Taihei building service others on JESCO Holdings / Metropolitan expressway electricity maintenance / DAIKYO Denki Kogyo / East Japan electricity engineering / Tobu engineering / Kyowa Exeo / center instrumentation / Fukuda Electric construction / Furukawa instrumentation / Japan Bill Kong / Osaki electric facilities / dennarisha / SANWA COMSYS Engineering Corp. / NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO / Nitto Denko Corp. / day

    Qualification to get

    • ・Electric construction person
    • ・denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi
    • ・kankojihodokoshikokanrigishi
    • ・date*hodokoshikokanrigishi
    • ・Firefighting equipment person
    • ・Dangerous materials operating personnel
    • ・Authorized electric construction worker
    • ・Low-pressure electric operating personnel high pressure electricity operating personnel
    • ・Information wiring construction skill official approval
    • ・Information network construction professional (iNIP)
    • ・Construction class teacher person
    • ・Energy management adviser
    ■We look for in the same field
    ■We look for from other fields