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  • We become mobile application programmer that idea of mobile phone application department oneself spreads through the world
Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

Mobile phone application department Mobile Application

Including smartphone market represented by iPhone, Android, we pay attention to tablet terminators such as iPad quickly. We carry out class of magazine, game, business plan by editor of animation and the business management by licensed tax accountant. Let alone application development, there is environment that can release work during attendance at school and wears technique and knowledge that are necessary for creator including the business management and design for total.

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    The type of job to aim at

    • Mobile application programmer
    • Mobile contents creators

    Point of learning

    Subject specialized in first smartphone application development in Japan

    It is class that the highest mobile content development technology acquires as the educational foundation's first SoftBank Mobile authorization "SoftBank solution provider" (SSP).

    We acquire technique that can support total until plan, production, sale

    Application that core course student developed "great convenience book" of reputation when what we wanted to check a little was all jam-packed for application. In addition, various students release application during attendance at school.

    We acquire iPhone, Android application development technology widely

    Curriculum which we responded to to hybrid application development technology using HTML5. We prepare iPhone, iPad, apparatus of Android as training, inspection environment and support application development widely.

    Student work


      Upbringing type pedometer application

      As we give water to plant whenever we walk the number of the uniformity, we can walk while bringing up plant.

    • MUSIC

      Music player application

      Disk of middle of the screen turns around when we play music. It is simple, but is fun visually.

    • WANPIC

      Camera application

      If even photography of pet dog to move about is this application, it is easy to take the best shot.

    • Budget management

      Household account book application

      As we get yelled at by character in application when we use too much pocket money, we can save.

    • meishi you

      Business card management application

      Excellent application that tells business card to how to call surname difficult to read let alone management.

    • Muritica

      Rhythm game application

      We tap icon to rhythm of the original piece of music! Application that does it, and has high degree.

    Current students interview

    Substantial development environment is decisive factor of entrance to school

    Nobuteru Sakai
    We are from Tokyo Metropolitan Nerima technical high school

    Inner always making the first move / Canon

    Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
    When we had smartphone in our hand for the first time, we are impressed by technical horror! We thought that JEOL could learn technique and knowledge well if distance of teacher and student studied soon in this environment and chose.
    Q. Mobile phone application department having been enough?
    It is attractive above all to be able to learn iPhone, technique of both Android. Besides, I can borrow MacBook Air from all the members. It is sea bream winged ant to provide environment that we can develop freely in house.
    Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
    As we acquire production of Web page, wide knowledge including systems architecture let alone application development, applied range is wide, and workplaces are various, too. He/she makes a lot of opportunities to think about the future.

    Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

    We can deliver development own work application with "Mac+ smartphone & tablet terminator" all over the world!

    Learning environment not to choose place by MacBook Air loan of one one
    We lend MacBook Air to all the new students. Style that we can develop freely in time that we had free other than the use by class. For iOS developer university program participating school, we download application that we developed by oneself to own mobile terminal free, and operation check with actual machine is possible, too. With learning environment not to choose place, we can deliver from development to actual machine operation check and the world.
    iPhone, Android, iPad, Apple Watch
    The latest mobile terminal used all over the world including "iPhone" "Android" "iPad" "Apple Watch" is machine part for learning. We can deliver original application that we developed by oneself to world contents market including "App Store" and "Google Play store". We can work on application development with learning environment that practice power acquires slowly and carefully.

    We support smartphone application development with the advanced, practical teaching materials strongly

    Proof that application development technology was accepted from company
    In core course of the educational foundation's first SoftBank authorization "SoftBank solution provider" (SSP), we develop class that utilized the latest technical information about various mobile terminals.
    We use electronic book as textbook! Program development is possible effectively
    With a part of the class of application development, we adopt electronic book. We can read using mobile terminal with screen of PC at the time of training class at indication, home. We can check the operation of program code in textbook by copy & paste and have unprecedented how to use.
    HTML5 academic program
    Principal school is higher education system's first HTML5 academic authorization school, and authorized instructor tells by class of core course. It is technique to be necessary as next-generation Web language in future, and HTML5 is utilized by smartphone application.

    Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

    By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

    Main workplace

    It is a lot of / shiosutekunoroji / proceed /UT group others on KOSAIDO / Canon / going dot-com / hands laboratory / game on / Cruise /CLINKS/ ISB / F S software development / sopura / Adways / Arai's / red Fox / solid seed /VASILY/NTT data system technology / techno blurring Eve / Altech / FUJI SOFT / accelerator mode /Gizumo/ Komatsu information system service / anesutekku / Pasona tequila / Fuji in Fox net / co-op information system / JAPAN THIRD PARTY / Kay eye N / tomato / leading edge /ISID interchange technology /CAC/ solid / N eye day

    Qualification to get

    • ・Android application engineer qualification test
    • ・Mobile system technology official approval (MCPC)
    • ・Oracle authorization JAVA programmer (OCJ-P)
    • ・HTML5 professional qualification test
    • ・Information official approval (J ken)
    • ・Basic information engineer
    ■We look for in the same field
    ■We look for from other fields