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Open campus & experience-based entrance to school
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  • We learn programming technique from the information processing department (night school) basics and bring up IT engineer with applied power
Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

Information processing department (night school)

Needs from IT company is high in ゙ and brings up programmer and system engineer in chronic lack state. Let alone programming technique that can support high technique for the future, we learn theory and practice of all steps to reach programming development from systems architecture. Qualification supports qualification that is advantageous to Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination, employment including Oracle master bronze carefully.

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    The type of job to aim at

    • System engineer
    • Web system programmer
    • Application system programmer

    Point of learning

    Programming beginner and PC novice are reliable, too. Programming ゙ technology is acquired well progressively like full-time department by the basics.

    We develop techniques from systems architecture to implementation in two years and bring up IT engineer that wore adaptable fighting potential whom company demands from.

    Examination is exempted in the morning of Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination. Support strong as for the authorized qualification "Oracle master bronze" of Oracle Corporation acquisition.

    Current students interview

    Kawasaki reason Takanori
    Tokyo University of Science independence withdrawal from school from Saitama private institution Kaisei, Omiya High School

    Inner always making the first move / daybreak

    We want to be assigned to work of programming in the future and enter university. However, there is that we have decided course vaguely and we feel gap in study contents and quit school independently. Looking for school which could make a study near business in the night, we found JEOL. It is one and qualification measure for employment to have you correct programming that you wore by own way as it listens to professional story to be hard to be class contents. We acquired qualification of "basic information engineer" and "Oracle authorization JAVA programmer", and company desired was able to give informal appointment to safely.

    Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

    We prepare computer which can learn plural programming languages one one

    Computer training room
    Environment that can learn three programming languages of "C language" "JAVA" "C#" from the basics systematically is regulated well in computer training room for exclusive use of core course. It is advantageous to job hunting by acquiring plural programming technique. In addition, it is completely equipped with computer training room for exclusive use of system development, too. We prepare for substantial learning environment.

    We use ten kinds of original teaching materials. Even inexperienced person acquires technique without unreasonableness smoothly

    The original teaching materials
    We use collection of problems and practice book of core course original suitable for the acquisition of "algorithm" necessary for programmer playing an active part in the IT industry "C language" "JAVA" "C ♯". It is easy to understand in education know-how of subject foundation approximately 50 years and is usable at home.
    Visual Studio
    "Visual Studio" can easily make various programs in development tool which Microsoft provides quickly. It is smooth after the employment for development environment that is used a lot so many in the IT industry.
    "Five phases of stage up learning law" for zero stage training is soft
    On the first stage (0 stages) of five phases of stage up learning law, we dissolve uneasiness for program using training software to master program in learning program for two years.

    Main workplace

    A lot of FUJITSU / Yahoo /NTT com solution & engineering / Hitachi financial system engineering / Tokyu computing system /SBS Holdings / Mizuho operation service / ibis inc. Japan / mutual prosperity systems / kyoritsugikenkogyo / Japan Yunika systems / Japan tekunosutorakuchaa / Yamato system create / Ryoyu Systems / Hitachi sofutekku / Cosmo / enutishi / higashikyokyoso computer /CLINKS/ eastern capital system development /NTT SOFT SERVICE / transcosmos / Sobal /NHK media technology / Fuji Techno Service / Nippon Information Industry / Litek /GMO Internet / SECOM / Yasuda information / Hitachi consumer marketing others

    Qualification to get

    • ・Basic information engineer (morning examination exemption)
    • ・Applied information technology person
    • ・Microsoft authorization qualification (MTA database)
    • ・Oracle authorization JAVA programmer
    • ・Oracle master bronze
    • ・XML Master
    ■We look for in the same field
    ■We look for from other fields