Pro-industry technical school of Tokyo, Shinjuku

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Entrance to school method foreigner, foreign student

School expenses, textbook charges, teaching materials costs

Two years system subject | Total money of delivery until graduation

Computer graphics department
2,545,000 yen
CG picture production department
2,545,000 yen
Game production course
2,545,000 yen
Game plan course
2,545,000 yen
Animation department
2,545,000 yen
Graphic design department
2,455,000 yen
AI system department
2,455,000 yen
Electronic applied engineering department
2,285,000 yen
Web design department
2,455,000 yen
Mobile phone application department
2,455,000 yen
Information business license course
2,441,000 yen
Information processing department
2,441,000 yen
Information system development department
2,441,000 yen
Network security department
2,455,000 yen
Electrician subject
2,285,000 yen
Electric construction technology department
2,319,000 yen

Three years system subject | Total money of delivery until graduation

Computer graphics graduate course
3,817,000 yen
Game production graduate course
3,817,000 yen
Animation graduate course
3,817,000 yen
High information processing department
3,693,000 yen
High electrician subject
3,409,000 yen
  • Textbook charges, teaching materials costs do not include

About return of school expenses

  1. We do not return entrance fee delivered once.
  2. School expenses except entrance fee delivered once and other expenses offer entrance to school refusal by Sunday, March 31, 2019 and return when return is demanded.
  3. About entrance to school refusal after Monday, April 1, 2019 and leaving school halfway, we do not return school expenses delivered once and other expenses.

About school expenses payment in installments

In principal school, we detect payment in installments of school expenses for foreign student. When you hope for payment in installments, please connect with the principal school general affairs department (03-3363-7761) after admission (after the pass).

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