Entrance to school event

High school graduate object entrance to school, employment consultation day

Woman object which thinks about dumb person who is university / specialty attendance at school, leaving school in midcourse, graduate, member of society, student who failed entrance exam, komitome, part-time jobber, learning

JEOL with many new students who experienced member of society and part-time jobber including university and junior college. We answer question, question along the each person's situation and circumstances after having explained the age-specific employment situation from school, subject explanation. Individual consultation is possible, too. (protector can participate, too)


  • We comment on entrance to school method and scholarship, scholarship student system in detail.
  • We can know the employment results of student with university student, member of society, part-time jobber experience.
  • We listen to story from teacher of subject in detail. We can observe everyday class.

    ※When you have you talk, please make a reservation by all means.

    ※We may not carry out on account of schedule, the school hour.

■The date

The holding year The date Holding time
2018 Wednesday, September 12, Sunday, October 14, Monday, November 19, Saturday, December 15

From 9:00 to 16:00
※10/14, 12/15 are from 10:00 to 16:00

2019 Tuesday, January 15, Wednesday, February 13, Thursday, March 7

■Holding place

Venue Japan Electronics College Main Building (access map)

Application, inquiry

You have you call to principal school entrance to school counselor's office or click the following button, and apply than application form. In addition, you have you call to entrance to school counselor's office, or please inform of inquiry by E-mail.

We propose to "high school graduate object entrance to school, employment consultation day"

Entrance to school counselor's office

Toll free number: 0120-00-9691 (directly) TEL: 03-3363-2985


Various entrance to school events

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