Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

Passage of day of the open campus

Only applicant participates

Subject briefing session according to field

Person who is wondering whether you participate in experience-based entrance to school of which subject
Field of industry to want to see to hear explanation

The details from this

Holding time from 9:55 to 10:20

Reception desk start 9:25 ...

All the members participation

Experience-based class according to school introduction - subject
With lunch

We begin with school introduction that can know big picture of Japan Electronics College,
You can actually actually receive practical training using used classroom.
Entrance fee is free.

Holding time from 10:30 to 14:30

Reception desk start 10:00 ...

2018 4/29 (celebration), Sunday, May 13, Sunday, May 27, Sunday, June 10, Sunday, June 17, Sunday, June 24, Sunday, July 8, Sunday, July 15, Sunday, July 22, Sunday, July 29, Saturday, August 4, Sunday, August 5, Saturday, August 18, Sunday, August 19, Sunday, August 26, Sunday, September 9, 9/23 (celebration), 10/8 (celebration), Sunday, October 28, Sunday, November 18, Sunday, December 9, 12/23 (celebration)
2019 Sunday, January 20, Sunday, February 3, Sunday, February 17, Sunday, March 10
School briefing session that is targeted for protector
The date It is *sai by opening campus & experience-based entrance to school from April through August
Holding time From 11:15 to 12:15
Venue Building No. 9 media hall
Summary We explain education policy, class contents, the employment results, entrance to school method, the details of school expenses support. You can participate with child.
  • In the case of participation, application is unnecessary only for protector. Come to venue directly.
State of open campus


※Please input in all items (as for the address Registered, input of "address" is unnecessary)

Please choose participation hope course and participation hope day.

Please choose field. (essential)

Please choose course (subject). (essential)

Please choose participation hope day. (essential)

Subject briefing session participation (essential) according to field

※Participating person is 9:45 meeting.
(person who does not participate gathers at 10:20)

Protector, attendant

Please input information of participant.

The name (essential)

Example) electron Taro (we input in kanji, full name)

Furigana (essential)

Do not appear example); did (input in hiragana letter, full name)

Sex (essential)
Phone number (essential)

Example) 03-1234-5678 (from area code, we input with half size number including hyphen. Possible carrying)

E-mail address (essential)

(for confirmation)

Example) (as for input, PC, either portable, possible by half size alphanumeric character)

High school, science of Japanese school name
School year

※Person that high school is graduated from, please input graduation high school name.

Identification of participation, sending hope of entrance to school guide book, application

※I send entrance to school guide book, application with schedule and identification of participation in course name, venue that access map is listed in in addition later.

Zip code

It is example) 0123456 (we input with seven columns, half size number)

The metropolis and districts


Example) Hyakunincho, Shinjuku-ku


△-△△ -△△

Apartment apartment name

Example) JEOL apartment X X X room

Entrance to school guide book, application sending hope
Complete set including subject guidance, employment information, entrance to school application, entering a dormitory guidance


Please choose one opportunity when you were going to participate in as entrance to school event.

When you choose others, please list in text box.

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Various entrance to school events

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