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Electronic school privacy policy

With policy about privacy policy of principal school,
We explain approach for privacy protection.

Electronic school recognizes the importance deeply as corporation handling much personal information. We handle private information under the severe rule including the following and drive home to each member the observance.

About collection, the use of personal information

We disclose private information which caught offer in the case of the use of principal school Web site to third party and, except the next case, may not provide.

About personal disclosure of information and offer

  • When there is agreement of the person
  • When we use as statistical data in state that cannot identify individual
  • When we receive personal disclosure of information request with legal obligation from machinery of law and administration

About management, protection of personal information

We manage personal information that principal school caught offer severely so that accidents such as loss, destruction, information leakage do not happen. In addition, we use SSL to prevent unjust access from the outside in principal school Web site. SSL is communication protocol to encrypt information on the Internet, and to transmit and receive. It is technique that is effective in following important information such as "personal information" transmitted and received on the Internet from wiretapping, manipulation, spoofing by third party. We introduce SSL into various personal information input pages in principal school Web site.

  • ※It becomes address indication called "https:// ..." in address of Web page where SSL is applied to.

About change, deletion of personal information

We cope immediately only when principal school receives offer and has direct communication from the person about change, deletion of personal information managing in principal school as far as it is rational.

■We look for from other categories