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Basic information value Occupation Practice of course specialized in occupation practice

In system started in April, 2014, we cooperate with companies closely among technical schools, and the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology authorizes subject to wrestle for practical vocational education that knowledge, technique, skill of the latest business is worn as "occupation practice specialty course". In principal school, 18 subjects received authorization commencing with electrician subject and information processing department. We introduce similar curriculum and are going to apply even for other subjects at any time.

Characteristic of subject recognized as "course specialized in occupation practice"

  • ①We organize curriculum in cooperation with company
  • ②We carry out classes such as training in cooperation with company
  • ③We carry out the teacher training to acquire latest business and leadership in cooperation with company
  • ④We carry out system checking knowledge, technical degree of achievement that company participates in
  • ⑤We give information about curriculum or the staff of a school of school on homepage

Subject that is recognized as "course specialized in occupation practice"

■We look for from other categories
■We look for from the same category