Pro-industry technical school of Tokyo, Shinjuku

To entrance to school information

A certain characteristic education

Career education

Career education

Carrier design

Time in important JEOL designing the future life. We perform vocational guidance that each person's individuality included to realize dream.

We aim at improvement of culture and learning that are wide in freely optional system by class that variety including "game production "job hunting measures self-PR" "handed down to partner" is rich in in Unity".
Job hunting literacy
We learn art of employment examination corresponding to type of industry and duties to realize dream including interview, examination, short essay.
Jec Career navi
We distribute original schedule book "Jec Career Navi" navigating job hunting and the member of society basic skills training to all the students.

We can be familiar with school which can make friend right after entrance to school

JEC Week

Just after entrance to school of full-time department whole school department, we carry out "JEC Week" as propaedeutic period. It is run-up to have you, so to speak, feel atmosphere of principal school aimed for having you raise awareness to learn expertise and interchange between students. We perform various approaches including lecture that we invite lecture and workshop, specialist in conjunction with subject. In addition, through communication with senior and classmate, it is important period to solve uneasiness and confusion by having jumped into new environment.

We solve strain just after entrance to school and sense pleasure to learn bodily with friend

The first group production (the field of animation)

How to use tool instruction (electric field)

We choose attractive subject freely and wear positive α

INIT system

INIT (common elective subject) system is system that even anyone is free to do and chooses among attractive subject group performed lineup of and can study. We set class to the fourth period of from Monday to Friday. Of specialized subject including "game production in Unity" "3dsMax guide animation", commencing with guide lecture, employment measures subject or qualification measures subject are set, too and are done lineup abundantly. Many students study positively.

We design carrier by INIT subject of positive α

INIT subject (an example)

Specialized field subject

  • Unity game production (basic crochet)
  • Unity game production (application)
  • Introduction to 3dsMax
  • Character design becomes a disciple in clip studio

Qualification measures subject

  • Qualification measures "IT passport"
  • Difficulty qualification third class electricity chief engineer written examination measures lecture electricity, law
  • Difficulty qualification third class electricity chief engineer written examination measures lecture knitting by machinery

Employment measures subject

  • [job hunting measures] Self-PR (precaution by & job hunting) to be handed down to partner
  • [entering a company writing test measures] SPI & something about everything (the past question)
  • Rule and structure of social cooperation when we know before attending society and commit power
  • Effective communication skill improvement lecture (the leadership)

Wellness subject

  • Diving training
  • Ski & snowboarding classroom

Hobby art

  • Voice training
  • Candle production
  • Let's create comics by free software
  • Let's make with Photoshop! Brief line stamp
  • Skill in Twitter sentence for employment to be useful for the actual fighting


※INIT subject varies according to the year.

■We look for from other categories
■We look for from the same category