Pro-industry technical school of Tokyo, Shinjuku

To entrance to school information

Teacher and lecturer

Instruction direct as well as student technical school teacher and exclusive duty teacher who is high-level that university professor trains and stimulating professional leading the fashion and technique!

In principal school, technical school teachers as instructor upbringing trainer of cisco networking academy training network engineer of the whole country and technically high-level exclusive duty teacher whom we instruct university professor and trained are majority being on the register roll. In addition, these exclusive duty teachers have results engaged in plural companies and academy program to develop jointly in the field of ICT. Furthermore, one which features connection with professional leading the industry. Well-known creator in animation world and CG creator playing an active part in Hollywood, top creator dealing with popular game instruct direct you. Not only it can acquire technique and knowledge highly, but also it becomes big property for the future to be connected to first-class exclusive duty teacher and professional.

Computer graphics department

Mr. Atsushi Igarashi

We learn application until practice from the basics generally more to bring up CG creator who can play a wide role throughout the trade including movie, game, animation.
We learn how to describe programming and solid molding with clay, design image and storyboards realizing more effective CG production other than way of thinking and technique necessary for how to use CG tool, CG production from the basics in 1 annual. In 2 annual, we squeeze learning contents in specialism which accepted expertise and the industry of aim and plan further skill up. It is all right if we make an effort for interest even if CG is inexperienced! Let's aim at professional together.

CG picture production department

Mr. Norio Nagai

Do you not make CG picture surprising person impossible practically coming out to movie and game together?
"We make such a picture which oneself likes by oneself!" Thing is aim of core course. Not only we widen high technique and width of descriptive power using CG software "Maya", but also wear skill to produce experience of camera and CG picture including knowledge through composition, editing of VFX and picture-related class. Power that such a skill enters the industry of CG picture, and is demanded. With friend having the same sign, let's spend substantial two years while digesting substantial curriculum.

Computer graphics graduate course

Mr. Shuichi Sakuma

We perform picture production using three-dimensional CG software called Houdini in core course from Maya, the second year in the first year. Let alone the CG industry of Japan, both software is adopted abroad together in a great many productions, and they are software which is essential in aiming at CG industry in the future. In addition, programming and mathematics that can inflect for CG production in core course are advantageous to employment as they can learn well. We can learn anyone without unreasonableness to learn with the subject original plain original teaching materials each. You spend three years when density is high in core course, and will you not aim at "technical CG creator" playing an active part throughout the trade in the future?

Game production graduate course

Mr. Naoki Inoue

Does it not become person giving impression and thought that everybody got from game this time? Program and 3DCG, skill of music production, various knowledge including story development not to let you get tired and high skill are required to current game producer. In addition, ability for "telling" communicative competence, presentation feeds pleasure to partner who is necessary for person making game to please people and wears knowledge general as game creator.
Let's learn "we make game from play" from motto with us!

Game production course

Mr. Hideo Matsushima

"Program" that is essential to make game. It is not exaggeration even if we say the pivot of game production. Therefore, in core course, we learn the basics of program and program for game at the same time from the beginning of entrance to school. We work on "original game production" next for two years. Basic knowledge and technique that we learned can conjugate in the field of IT. That means that we can try various industries handling program at the time of job hunting. We think that we worry about the beginning, but we teacher instructs with every effort. Let's make "game that you want to make" with core course by all means!

Game plan course

Mr. village Io

Because wide knowledge is demanded, we learn from game planner to produce, direction, programming, CG production being technical as well as planning. We announce result that students evaluated each plan in ranking form by work production to be carried out six times in two years. We get ready to work as professional in game company while experiencing place of challenge that can grasp such own growth objectively. We can realize that one to make is fun when we learn the making of game. We are waiting for challenge of person who wants to make game seriously.

Animation department

Mr. Yosuke Kudo

Led by animator, it is two years system subject when it is most suitable for person dreaming of achievement in the animation industry. From the basics of drawing and sketch to application, professional lecturer instructs tenaciously. Let alone power representing picture, we can stretch out communication ability and solution to the problem power while learning structure of the industry through animation practice that can experience all steps of production. I was engaged in various works as animator, and animation worked from the start in the wide industry such as illustration and game. We like creating character, and does person who is interested in production not become specialist of animation?

Animation graduate course

Mr. Sho Tsuboi

Core course is subject that is most suitable for person dreaming of achievement as creator in the animation industry. It makes the most of span of 3 years, and it discovers own aptitude in drawing by learning finish, background, all steps of animation production such as shooting, and this is because it is curriculum which we can stretch out in employment level. One which features that there are 2D to industry trend, both original animation production of 3D technology in training environment that implemented more liquid crystalline pen tablet. It is useful throughout the trade creator who can handle freehand drawing and digital tool together, and width of achievement opens.

Web design department

Mr. Yasumi Osanai

To Web designer, ability to be easy to get valuable information exactly, and to express is found by user. Web site that was able to realize beautiful design and layout to convey information exactly, functional interface can send message to people of the world.
We produce site plan and concept making, design design, Web by practical contents near the spot of Web design in core course and learn high technique "usable" on the site before reaching presentation. Let's realize dream in the Web design industry with possibility.

Graphic design department

Mr. Seiichi Ueda

Graphic designer ties society and person and is important occupation changing to attractive life. In today when advertisement technique changes busily, curriculum which can learn to digital and wide expression and technique from analog from plan to production in two years is attractive from the basics to application in core course. Skill improves through lecture that we invite university-industry research collaboration production and work comment society with the design industry, professional of the associated industry surely. We are tied to high industry rate of informal employment every year by acquiring practice power. "Designer is cool" which "we want to make favorite picture work". For realization of dream of such everybody, let's spend informative two years together.

AI system department

Mr. Tatsuo Fukuda

System which utilized "AI" X "big data" X "IoT" gives big impact for various industry, and innovative services are created in sequence. In the near future, service that we cannot make expectation into either may come up.
In core course, AI mainly on machine learning programs system development technology by object oriented analysis, design, implementation to base and learns big data analysis, sensor data processing technology from IoT device generally. You learn the highest AI technology, and do you not aim at next-generation AI engineer?

Information business license course

Mr. Eiji Taniguchi

Core course acquires necessary power as member of society centering on three approach of "information" "business" "license" as the name shows and is subject to aim at employment to the wide industry. With knowing society, it is important "to know oneself" to realize aim called employment. By classes such as "carrier design workshops", we push forward self-analysis and self-understanding happily in group and connect with own future. Person whom aim not to be found to want to do it is not found in is all right. In information business license course, let's describe the future together.

Mobile phone application department

Mr. Koichi Okawa

In core course, curriculum which can learn application development technology through lecture, training is crossed in smartphone around iPhone and Android terminal with much demand. As well as programming, we aim at developer with wide knowledge including application plan, systems architecture, contents production, the business management and flexible thought. Which "seem to take the ease if there is such an application" if "distribute such an application, is helpful for all?." You acquire technique to realize your idea, and do you not play on the stage of the world?

Information processing department

Mr. Seiji Desaki

"Doing everyday life using computer with "information processing" more usefully." In the origin that is born system doing gate of automatic translation and station wicket, life including card payment at cash register usefully from idea "being convenient that should be able to do such a thing." Do you not make "system" with such world as convenience?
We adopt "five phases of stage up learning law" that can learn knowledge and technique of system necessary to realize it without unreasonableness in core course, and by 1 step is reliable although being a pleasure as knowledge and technique are worn steadily.

Information system development department

Mr. Hiroki Yanagibashi

Technique found for cloud, AI, IoT, system development including big data progresses every day. In this subject, we raise "reliable technology" demanded from engineer playing an active part in such front line and "high qualification rate" in motto and cross a more effectively than which school curriculum which can acquire two. There are many students acquiring high qualification of degree of difficulty, and it is commonly actually said in completeness of system which student of core course made with graduation production. We open a course in choice seminar in 2 annual finally. Because step improves oneself more than before, we can choose thought freely which is necessary. Teachers with high technology to support these curricula bring up human resources whom even the front line of the results, the IT industry where it is oriented to ability can survive.

High information processing department

Mr. So Nukamori

We know nothing at all and cross curriculum to be able to make one system which concluded for at the time of graduation at the time of entrance to school and bring up system engineer (SE) who had application that can cope with intense technique change of the IT industry. We adopt big data and block chain, learning of state-of-the-art such as artificial intelligence (AI) to develop rapidly for topic. We learn information technology and the basics of programming in 1 annual. We learn technique of systems architecture, database design in 2 annual and learn the latest technique in 3 annual and develop system as graduation production. Ability to get customer needs is important for superior SE other than technique and the knowledge. We develop communication ability by group work and can learn happily.

Network security department

Mr. Shohei Sonoda

The risk of unexpected disadvantage and crime damage hides behind in network services. It becomes convenient, but on the other hand importance of network security will increase more. We learn about security that specialized "we protect" in network in keyword in core course. In late years we learn curriculum which network apparatus world largest cisco systems company developed from pillar about up-and-coming wireless LAN. As we are substantial more than teacher having CCAI license of cisco systems company authorization, router switch machine parts 200 and can learn from zero, even computer beginner is reliable.

High electrician subject

Mr. Teppei Yamaji

Energy management system (EMS) which renewable energy and countries such as photovoltaic power generation promote comes to attract attention, and the field of energy comes into the limelight. Core course keeps three years alive and constitutes curriculum in motto by class that technique acquires even from beginner surely. Learn the highest energy technology in line with the times from the basics in electrical engineering and aim at qualification such as Chief electricity engineers becoming required on the site. It is subject that is most suitable for the wide technical acquisition and person who wants to decide workplace slowly and carefully.

Electrician subject

Mr. Nobukazu Kimizuka

"We check motto of core course by experiment". It is important to acquire knowledge and technique, skill while touching thing to get true ability. Experiment improves understanding.
In addition, the third kind electricity chief engineer, many students pass the second kind electricity construction person, qualifying examination including the electricity construction construction management technology official approval second grade if first-class. If there are technique and qualification, high validation is provided, and we are promised in the future by company.
Core course is subject that is most suitable for person to be engineer treating electricity-related qualification and electricity. Let's aim at electrical engineer supporting comfortable life to be required more and more in future.

Electric construction technology department

Mr. Toshiyuki Takahashi

Work of electric construction engineer is to do wiring work depending on place and purpose to need including firefighting facilities use for communication for factory for standard home by sent electricity from power station. If there are this technique and qualification, we may not have trouble with job.
Technology of graduate has a good reputation and achieves the results that are high in the rate of employment. We were in charge of Tokyo Solamachi and electric construction of Tokyo midtowns to be located in Tokyo Skytree town and there are many graduates who become independent, and run business and is.
Study is weak point, but, without knowledge, we teacher brings up to professional electric construction engineer by all means if there is motivation!

Electronic applied engineering department

Mr. Hanaki Nakata

To advanced technology such as personal smartphone and household appliances, Pepper or automatic running car, electronics supports many things. Furthermore, all things are IoT leading to the Internet, and engineer who knew hardware and software mainly on microcomputers such as raspberry pies is a lot necessary.
Our curriculum starts from contents which can learn assuming beginner progressively and grows up in level that can start design in company at the time of graduation.
We utilize computer and the Internet and we love "manufacturing" to be excited about mainly on electronics and look forward to, everybody.

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