Special Movie Project

The spot of production,
It was like that!

"All began in person voice from old school"


"Robot arm which is the future, technical symbol,
We remind of flash, discovery, mind zukinadoo
We give power by touching electric bulb
The light which we burn letter of "MUST,"
There is warmth of person bringing about technique,
In this visual itself,
We put thought to relate work to person.
The one and only to contribute to future society widely,
In other words, it is said that we come to be "MUST"
We convey will that it is simple and is strong-willed as school.

Educational foundation electron school


Based on "fusion of tradition and innovation that is management concept," thing which kept message characteristics as management philosophy more "is a person that it is MUST binding work together in learning with person." We do in this.
Project started for concept video which embodied this powerful message straight clearly. Novel expression that there is not and is similar to no picture nowhere is point of this plan. Such hot thought aiming at "figure which should have electronic school" is put in this concept video.

Special Movie Making-interview