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One to want to study in the night

We acquire technique while working! We acquire qualification! We aim at employment, change of job desired!

There is a certain night school to be able to go to while being, and learning at universities while working in Japan Electronics College in the day.

Four subjects to be able to learn in the night

We aim at security engineer who acquired technique of world level

Network security department

Network security department

Two years system

We learn programming from the basics and bring up IT engineer with applied power

Information processing department

Information processing department

Two years system

It is without examination and acquires electric chief engineer. To specialist treating electricity

Information processing department

Electrician subject

Two years system

Inexperienced person is reliable, too. In one year from beginner to professional electric construction person

Electric construction person department

Electric construction person department

One year system

Such a person learns in night school.

Motive of entrance to school

While a lot of students that employment and change of job, motive including qualification are clear are stimulated by classmate having high will, we can learn.

Occupation before entrance to school

Member of society, part-time jobber, unemployment and various work experience enter high school student, university student from the start.

Age distribution at the time of entrance to school

There are the most new students in their late twenties from 18-year-old high school new college graduate, among them in the one older than 50 years old. We can learn with wide age group.

Occupation after entrance to school

We are practical with one and short term to have company working for understand, and that income is got is frequent in part-time job.

What is difference between full-time department and night school?

Night school subject does not have basic education subjects such as business etiquette or wellness literacy (subject about health care and exercise prescription). This is because there are fewer school hours of night school than full-time department. In addition, in night school, it features age group than student of full-time department including person who learned in other educational institutions after person who experienced member of society and the graduation from high school to be high. In addition, there is following difference.

  • ・Full-time department is two sittings system that are in the latter half of the first half year, but night school is fourth system.
  • ・Night school has lower school expenses than full-time department.
Full-time department electrician subject (two years system) 2,285,000 yen
Night school electrician subject (two years system) 1,315,000 yen
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