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Concept Movie exhibition!

Connect to the future individually; 67.
Japan Electronics College published new concept.

Because "robot arm which is the future, technical symbol touches electric bulb reminding of flash, discovery, mind zukinadoo, we give power and burn letter" of "MUST"
The light had warmth of person who brought about technique and loaded with thought to tie work to this visual itself with person.
We convey simple, strong will as school to come to be one and only to contribute to future society widely namely "MUST".

The spot of Special Movie Project production was like that!

Reason why JEOL is chosen as

A lot of graduates participate in production of famous work

"Trip of movie "Beauty and the Beast (2017)" "hamunaputora 4" (original title /2017) ": kovenanto alien" Fanta stick beast and magician" "mistake Pele Glyn and strange children" "name." of Game "FF" very popular "shin Godzilla" "man called pirates" by "Attack on Titan" "parasitism beast" "Dragon Quest" "Monster Hunter" "biohazard" "dragon graduates much commencing with each nyo ku" "sumabura" "Pokemon" "King Yugi" "Sengoku Basara" series in celebrity work over animation "Doraemon" "Yo-Kai Watch" "dress" "IM@S" "Pretty Cure" "SORD art online" "GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation" "teiruzuobuzesutiriazakurosu" others many divergences are participation.

Graduate plays an active part until facilities management such as "Tokyo Dome City" or office building, educational institution, factory "Suica" more in various industries "JR East" "JR Central" "Tokyo Metro" "Keio Corp." "Haneda Airport" "Narita Airport" from theme park of "Tokyo Disney Resort ®" "Sanrio Puroland" in development project of "Sony bra beer" and electric field "LINE" in the field of IT.

  • "Your name."
    © 'Your Name.' Production Committee

  • "Class two pieces of shin Godzilla DVD" is now on sale
    3,800+ yen tax release, sales agency: TOHO

  • "Trip of Fanta stick beast and magician"
    ©2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

  • "Mistake Pele Glyn and strange children"
    ©2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

Reason why JEOL is chosen as

Current students play an active part in international meeting

We win a prize in "skill Olympics national convention, international meeting" "AC Japan CM student Prize" "U-20 programming contest" "young fellow manufacturing tournament" "GAME CAMPUS FESTA" "NetRiders CCNA Japan Competition" "ICT troubleshooting contest" "Tokyo international projection mapping Awards".

  • The 43rd skill Olympics international meeting
    [Web design type of job fighting spirit prize]

  • NetRiders CCNA Japan Competition
    [championship, representative from Japan]

Reason why JEOL is chosen as

TOEI ANIMATION, CAPCOM, cisco systems, Japanese Microsoft

Strong cooperation internship with company is fulfilling!

Internship and cooperation class to receive instruction directly are carried out positively by professional. We learn necessary technique and workflow by professional practical instruction on the site. Image after employment becomes concrete, and it is at valuable opportunity to see future figure which should advance.

VFX team playing an active part in Hollywood and student 40 are engaged in production

Subject briefing session according to field is held, too!

Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

Opening campus which can come across oneself to want to become, work that we want to do! Opening campus which can come across oneself to want to become, work that we want to do!

Open campus simple application form

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We see College Movie which wants to convey pleasure of student production Movie J-Tube JEOL

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