College Movie Special

Official Movie "reason of growth"

Graduates leaving Japan Electronics College are appreciated in society. Posture that is independent, and thinks about the point as well as technique and knowledge, and continues growing up by oneself. But there are few "people who can do it from beginning" when we look back on each person's high school days. What will push "motivation switch, growth switch" of all? Mainly on testimony, we settled reason of each growth.

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College Movie

Identification of ... of reason - growth of summary version growth

It becomes switch of motivation, and what kind of place of JEOL is growth ounagashiteikunodesho ­? Summary version toshitema ­ stopped distance, class, friend with teacher, testimony of various people including employment support.

Switch ... [the field of IT] to reason - growth of student organizing length

JEOL is traditional school in the field of computer. And how are students brought up in environment proud of advanced largest scale and certain true ­ * to?

Switch ... [animation, CG, game, design, electric field] to reason - growth of student organizing length

At first, anyone is start from zero. There is not confidence, too. But we can greatly change. Both the opportunity and environment gather in JEOL.

Class Enthusiasm ... of reason - staff of a school of growth

The biggest features of JEOL "enthusiasm of the staff of a school." As imminent existence, we initiate into not only "the skill" as professional but also "heart" as professional.

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