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Student team of high information processing department won a prize "ET robokon 2018" information system development department in Tokyo District!

Meeting, kontensuto

 Last from Sunday, September 16 to 17th (celebration), ET robokon 2018 ※Tokyo District meeting was held in Waseda University Nishiwaseda campus. Four teams in total played meeting from information system development department, high information processing department from principal school, and two teams just carried out winning a prize wonderfully!

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<winning a prize team>
■General third place + district special commendation / altitude information processing department "easy JEC"
■The student commendation / information system development department "jec fist-maru"

"Easy JEC" team is the first place by results only for L course of primary class. In two teams which missed prize by global assessment regrettably, results by course distinction got high rank.

<ET robokon 2,018 run homer King - primary class>

 Person grows up drastically when we get chance when we can show technique and knowledge that we learned in to one's heart's content. As place showing result of learning, we promote participation in various meetings to have you raise will of consciousness and learning as professional voluntarily more in principal school. We plan extracurricular activities as approach to be able to make step-up into steadily by acquiring experience.

One with interest has you participate in open campus & experience-based entrance to school by all means, and please ask current students and teacher a question.

※With ET robokon
ET software design robot contest (nickname: ET robokon)
Under the theme of technical education in important "embedded system" that industry competitiveness of Japan cannot lack in field, it is competition that autonomous travel does designation course with decided run body. It is contest to put analysis, software which we designed on the same hardware (LEGO MindstormsTM) in UML, and to compete.


▲Dead work scenery before meeting① ▲Meeting scenery ▲Information system development department "jec fist-maru" which won student commendation team ▲Three teams where we participated in from high information processing department


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