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Game production science preparation of fish to look lifelike product "Trickle" wins award for excellence in game award amateur section in Japan!

Meeting, kontensuto

 On last Saturday, September 22, commendation ceremony of "game award 2018 in Japan" was held in Tokyo game show venue. Student work "Trickle" of game production course wins <award for excellence> wonderfully in game award amateur section in Japan. Shield and testimonial were conferred in the commendation ceremony.

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<comment of leader at team Yokota>
As we did not know when the name was called in award ceremony, heart throbbed. What we could really win was good.

Because we were not able to grasp who of team had how much skill in game production, it took time to do with assignment of work first. We are very glad that we got high validation while having a hard fight in difficulty of team production.

Finally to Mr. Saegusa who took care all the time. Thank you very much!

▲Title screen of prize winner "Trickle" ▲State at the time of commendation ▲In front of work display booth
▲Display scenery in booth    


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