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"uebunau! Web design department first grader attends at battle front X true intention talk ... of ... Web industry as special extracurricular class


 In Friday, September 28, Mitsue - Lynx (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) seminar room "uebunau! Battle front X true intention talk ... of ... Web industry was held. All the first graders of Web design department attend from principal school. Two people of second grader participated as the staff of the part of host progress.

 It is KINOTROPE INC. Hamada, kabushikikaishadaishinsha communication design Inoue, fork Ishii, four companies five of Mitsue - Lynx Kidachi, Endo to have had you cooperate. We had you talk about the charm to youths toward the Web industry by professional people who pulled the industry.

 In presentation form, it is started with company introduction of the companies in the first half by introductions such as work experience of panelist or current type of job contents. Through own conventional career or being wrestling now, high presentation of message characteristics was also shown individually, and we attracted, and, as for the students, it was crowded soon after the start by the world.

 In the latter half discussion (questions and answers time). "Production period of Web site" and various questions including "work that did, and was worth" were put, and, "annoyance on work," "important thing had each panelist meet in Web production most". At the time of answer to annoyance on work than kabushikikaishadaishinsha communication design Inoue "is adoption above all! In the scene where smile overflows venue in comment that the annoyance seems to solve today. In addition, in work that did it, and was worth, we included hot answer to do all work that we undertook for various places of panelist who wrestled for work with every effort, and to be worth.

 Interesting question "where wins as for AI and the Web?" was put afterwards when it became raising hand system "is qualification important to find a job?". The first meeting was prosperous very much and closed curtain so as that there was answer "that we acquired three qualifications, and there was work with interviewer whom there was not, and work gave priority to the latter over if it was unqualified interviewer.", and discussion such as true intention talk was right held, and to extend answer and one side "that sense that it was not purpose to acquire qualification and was in process (posture) when place that the company side looked at made an effort, and even qualification should take should wait" about qualification for approximately 30 minutes.

 In late years the Web industry still became event proved that it was the industry full of vitality while information of state-of-the-art such as AI or IoT became incandescent. When the Web industry developing together and the type of job along the time came up as much as technique of AI and IoT developed, and the new employment was born, height of future of same profession world was talked about, and heart floated expression to jump on students who attended in the future.

 Which panelist who wants to advance from various places to the Web industry comments saying "feeling to challenge is always important". Flexibility or adjustability that new thing was taken in conveyed what was demanded without deeply attaching not to be able to follow when we persisted in past thing in the Web industry which accomplished evolution busily.

 We connect with will improvement to motivation and job hunting to learning by hearing raw message of company leading the industry directly through such a meeting in principal school.
 Web design department which it is to be able to ask teacher and current students direct story, and is interested in the Web industry, please participate in opening campus & experience entrance to school of principal school by all means!


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▲kabushikikaishadaishinsha communication design Inoue

▲Fork Ishii

▲Mitsue - Lynx Endo

▲Mitsue - Lynx Kidachi

▲Discussion (questions and answers) scenery of the latter half

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