• We become IT engineer creating AI (population intelligence) system of the AI system department next generation

AI system department Artificial Intelligence System

We were able to let AI act for work that human being including "we drive car" thought about "working as simultaneous interpreter", and "coordinating clothes of oneself preference" performed. Furthermore, big data collection with IoT device accelerates the spread of AI, too. In core course, we bring up Engineer next-generation IT that wore three techniques of "AI" "big data" "IoT" generally in addition to conventional system development technology.

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The type of job to aim at

  • AI engineer
  • System engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Programmer

Point of learning


We can learn knowledge, technique necessary for construction of the highest AI system generally!

We learn most advanced technology which is indispensable to AI systems such as deep learning, machine learning, data collection with IoT sensor, big data analysis generally.


Social needs of AI engineer increases year by year and is excellent at future!

AI systems which put "AI" X "big data" X "IoT" together spread rapidly, and social needs of engineer who can utilize AI increases. We learn these technical elements in core course generally and bring up next-generation IT engineer.
※IoT…Abbreviation of "Internet of Things." It is the world where every thing is connected to on the Internet.


Even computer inexperienced person is reliable!

It is curriculum which even computer inexperienced person is easy to learn by being specialized in Python and AI programming by JAVA about programming technique, and carrying out all classes with the original teaching materials more.

Man of business message

AI technology opens up the future of service

Top gate
Board member Shuichi Mitsuoka

We have a high interest in Google and, about AI technology, push forward development. We develop and provide application and system with technique of Google as core in order to contribute to it in us. AI has been already utilized by email and search feature of Google, but precision of AI will increase more in future, and every service is rich, and it will do life of people effectively.
We think that it is valuable experience to be able to learn the technique quickly in technical school. In addition, new idea should be born by associating with many people there.
Technical school where JEOL has the history of 67. Let alone classmate, you make use of network of graduate, and please meet seniors more and more. In addition, the IT industry welcomes person having dissatisfaction and question for society. It is energy that positive posture that is going to solve the trouble brings about next-generation service.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

We provide environment that we can learn with loan notebook PC anywhere anytime

We distribute note PC to all students
We lend notebook PC with specifications that are enough for AI system development to one one. Continuance of learning is possible after the class at open space or home. In addition, learning is pushed forward in comfortable environment as all the software necessary for AI system development is installed.

We learn knowledge and technique necessary for AI systems construction systematically

We introduce the highest AI service and library into class
We take in cloud service and library of deep learning including the highest Microsoft Corporation "Azure Machine Learning" and Google Corporation "TensorFlow" for class.
We learn programming language Python
About "Python which is convincing programming language in machine learning programming," we learn programming using various libraries from basic grammar.
We learn object oriented programming by JAVA
JAVA is object oriented programming language used from embedded system to Web application, AI system widely. Place of achievement spreads out when we learn JAVA.
Original text which can learn AI system development systematically
Analysis, design, implementation, database necessary for AI system development, machine learning, deep learning, technique of statistics, big data are development with all class original texts. We can learn theory and practice of AI effectively in a good balance.

Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

Workplace to aim at

A lot of Japanese Microsoft / SoftBank Technology / FUJITSU /IBM/Google/ Dwango / ORACLE CORPORATION JAPAN / Recruit / Rakuten /FRONTEO/ CyberAgent /Finac/ grid / top gate / KYOCERA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS / TECNOS JAPAN / Nippon Information Development / SAKURA Internet / SIOS Technology / Seattle consulting / Cruise / transcosmos / system integrator /ISID interchange technology / DOCOMO Datacom others

Qualification to aim for

  • ・Python3 engineer authorization
  • ・Oracle authorization JAVA programmer
  • ・Statistics official approval
  • ・XML Master
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