• We become field electron design engineer from electronic applied engineering department smartphone to man-made satellite

Electronic applied engineering department Applied Electronics Production

From imminent products such as smartphones, it is drone, automatic running car, AI (artificial intelligence) attracting attention all over the world in now including Pepper, hardware technology supporting manufacturing of wide field to robot-related product and subject that we incorporate, and programming skill is worn. It is the cheap mental health care system in beginners. It is reliable several years later that you can become human resources of "it has many admirers".

★We check other subjects

Subject news, work

The type of job to aim at

  • Electronic design engineer
  • Apparatus engineer for medicine
  • Robot engineer
  • Acoustic equipment engineer
  • Embedded system engineer
  • Customer engineer

Point of learning


"Job offer that is higher than 200 one
We will be strong in employment "now" "from now on"

Core course graduate more than 20,000 people. Trust of the industry is warm and is proud of the number of the overwhelming job offers every year. It is the stable industry resisting recession as critical technology to support advanced field where big growth is predicted.


"The original teaching materials are fulfilling
As for the beginner "class to understand" of relief

We develop "class that it is revealed" using microcomputer kit for learning that it is easy to understand to original text and beginner with polite sleeve notes which core course teacher made. It is feature to perform the training as soon as we learned theory.


Using "much-talked-about "raspberry pie," we can sense the latest electronic technique bodily all over the world

We introduce much-talked-about microminiature PC "raspberry pie" into class quickly all over the world. We learn the latest electronic technique to support advanced fields such as "IoT" attracting attention as new growth area "robot" "AI" (artificial intelligence).
※IoT…Abbreviation of "Internet of Things." It is the world where every thing is connected to on the Internet.

Current students interview

If there is feeling to challenge, we can clear way!

Kento Kurosawa
We are from Tokyo Metropolitan Nagayama High School

Inner always making the first move / Shimazu access

Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
History of school was long, and point that focused on class contents to be able to keep alive from the basics to practice in society became decisive factor. We were able to realize that it was very good school on seeing a senior in open campus.
Q. Thinking that oneself was able to grow up?
Soldering that was not possible at all, programming such as C language, reading and understanding of circuit diagram came to be possible. We participated in "technical school robot meeting" and learned importance of communication.
Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
High school did not usually have electronic knowledge in course, but was able to open up way to the future as teachers became kind and told. We think that he/she is surely a big help if we have feeling to challenge.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

Core course original learning environment that understanding to be able to work on to theme deepens

We learn high technique with facilities of professional specifications including 3D PRN
Learning environment to be able to work on slowly and carefully is prepared for for many years by core course original education know-how that accumulated. Including measuring equipment of professional specifications that one set of one is available for, facilities such as robot for experiment, 3D PRN for parts production are fully equipped with. While lecture and training go through stage by consecutive curriculum, we acquire high technique.

Original textbook to class. The experiment training teaching materials are one set of one

Original microcomputer kit

We learn embedded system without unreasonableness in microcomputer kit for core course original learning
Microcomputer kit for learning of development maker of microcomputer board and core course original which we produced jointly. Because we are developed so that it is assembled along flow of class, even beginner can learn technique and the basics that the company side demands of embedded system without unreasonableness.
We feel fun that "Raspberry Pi" where the world pays attention to anything can make and learn technique
Microminiature single board computer "Raspberry Pi" (raspberry pie) which we can make to robot and multifunctional household appliances, weather eye. Core course introduces small PC which the world developed for the purpose of computer education pays attention to quickly, too. We learn development of integration software. In addition, using design of FPGA (integrated circuit which we can design again) and various software development tools, we learn basic technology about programming including C language.
Company cooperation class by cooperation of embedded database maker Empress company of North American NO.1
Core course student about "embedded database" which is indispensable to development of what kind of product turn and, in the loT era where every thing is connected to on the Internet, carries out seminar in particular now.

Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

Main workplace

A lot of Fuji automation / general engineering / Ryoden mechanic machine engineering East Japan branch office / kyoritsudenko / new honor communication / DAIKO DENSHI TSUSHIN / Nisshin Electronics Service / Panasonic Technical Services metropolitan area company / Japan elevator service / Apollo Giken / Tokyo technical service / central system Giken / Great Britain electronics / Miwa engineering / Giken electron / JTEC / okataniseiritsukogyo / Forum engineering / Sanyo Denki Kogyo / Kokubun Electric / measurement technique research institute / Tokyo cold plane industry / Sankyo electron / TOYO ENGINEERING / phoenix engineering / top engineering / completion Giken / Orient formation / Altech /JFE steel / pioneer / Shimazu access others

Qualification to get

  • ・rikujo*shumusengishi
  • ・Firefighting equipment person
  • ・Integration engineer examination
  • ・Digitech official approval
  • ・IoT system technology certification examination
  • ・Production Meister
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