Subject introduction

Business and qualification and PC become all members of society who can play an active part throughout the trade

Information business license course

Information business license course

Two years system

What kind of industry is the field of business?
With Business (business), we place "work, duties, duties business, business" in Japanese. Because perform "business" (duties, business) "rather than the industry, and is", ability and technique that are necessary for duties or business [is used in all industries!] Called this it is expected. As the industry, it is for sale, service industry (apparel, eating and drinking), the communication industry (NTT (docomo), au, SoftBank others), automotive industry (Toyota, Nissan, Honda others), the IT industry (Yahoo, Rakuten others), the picture industry (TOEI, Shochiku, TOHO, KADOKAWA others), many industries including electricity, the electronic equipment industry (Hitachi, SONY, Panasonic others).
If we aim at the field of business
It is important to wear PC skill and business etiquette necessary to move necessary basic knowledge and business as members of society such as "management powers" to achieve "communication ability" and aim efficiently smoothly. In addition, it is necessary to think well it is correct or what kind of industry oneself is interested in in what kind of industry. We recommend that we check the industry where oneself wants to play an active part early.
Aptitude of the field of business?
In the item raised in human resources whom company demands from carefully, so-called "member of society basic skills" including communicative competence to be able to be involved with various people are demanded from oneself without finding out problem and problem, and asking ability to solve and any people regardless of age or sex nationality. In addition, management (the management) power before letting projects accomplish to aim is required. As well as selected friends, we are concerned with many people impartially and challenge member of the executive committee or part-time job of school festival and athletic meet, and there is what we can practice even now a lot. At first we will begin so far from classmate whom we have not called out to and place calling out to co-worker, neighboring part-time job.

More particularly, to "about the business industry and the learning"

Japanese Microsoft special lecture "business battle front"

As part of "business battle front" of information business license course subject class, we invited man of business of Japanese Microsoft, and "business battle front Microsoft lecture" was carried out.
Know-how, effective information & work handling of documentation and presentation, method of scheduling management. Furthermore, "own common sense had you teach information and consciousness that were necessary for advice such as lack of commonsense of another person" and modern businessman than businessman who pulled the business industry in world top company "going to take information by oneself".
It was commonplace including being time when it was valuable at all about slight act that we informed cross-purposes state of, but we recognized that there was not usually unexpectedly some other time, and it was valuable class that could do step-up to businessman who raised human being more.
In Japan Electronics College, a lot of classes in connection with company state of industry leader class only in such a principal school exist, and density provides technique and knowledge to student by high class contents more.

The 14th business produce competition (sponsorship: public corporate judicial person whole country technical school information National Education Association)

[prize for idea]

It is hosted by general whole country technical school information National Education Association and all information business license course second graders are divided into three teams and apply for "the 14th business produce competition" by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry support. There was application of 21 schools 89 plan of the whole country and won "prize for idea" wonderfully from that.

Tomomi Iino, Tomoka Nakajima, wisteria Manami Saki (information business license course)

Subject introduction

Business and qualification and PC become all members of society who can play an active part throughout the trade

Information business license course

Information business license course

Two years system

About the business industry and the learning

To learn business?

You hear, "we learn business", and what kind of image will you have? We think that there are various kinds of "being "is it advantage for employment?" "do you forge "communicative competence"?" thing which in the first place business learns from in technical school" which "it seems to be important somehow", is person "not to know well" not most of which "it is helpful when we work in company and is so?"

There are many skills to be necessary in working in company. How to use Office software, knowledge of accounts, knowledge of the commercial law and the Companies Act, method of market research diverge into many branches. Skill that we stated above is necessary regardless of the industry. It becomes kernel of learning of business to learn basic skill demanded in such a company widely.

May anything be good when we learn business?

In late years interest of the world for the acquisition of business skill is increasing so that it is revealed by CM of "Excel boy" and "PowerPoint manager" because attention gathers for metal oxide semiconductor examination (Microsoft Office Specialist) that became topic. However, it is extremely the current situation at opportunity to learn such a skill to high school to be limited. After having entered the company, people who hardly mentioned business at high school and university try for the acquisition of business skill.

Therefore, it means that one step can hold superiority to other people by employment to wear wide business skill in technical school. The early business skill acquisition is nothing but, "we obtain the minimum equipment to work in company".

Which "we want to get ready to work in company" learns business in you, technical school "to acquire pro-business qualification, and to want to improve skill", and do you not wear wide business skill?

What do you learn about business specifically?

As stated above, contents learning about business go over to many divergences.

It is IT information utilization technology to play a key role in learning matter. We learn about use of business of SNS after having learned about elementary operation of Office, making method of Web page.

In addition, learning of business knowledge and business license is important, too. We learn various matters such as method and bookkeeping of market research, the basics of business administration, information security management, trend of the world economy, legal affairs knowledge in conjunction with business, the acquisition of secretary skill, foreign language communication.

And class of carrier design being aware of job hunting is carried out, too. We learn learning of measures and company study method of SPI examination to be conducted as employment test, communication technique. We hear story and may go to the spot for visit to company about the highest business.

We can become human resources who skill improves while acquiring qualification by learning these content transversely, and are helpful in company. Even if there is little knowledge about business, we can wear wide skill at the time of entrance to school by working on study positively.

What kind of qualification can you acquire when you learn business?

Qualification that we can acquire by learning business does not have time for counting up. For example, in IT system, many people acquire national qualification called "IT passport". This is thing "proving that we learn basic knowledge about IT" and, in the case of job hunting, can appeal.

Besides, the acquisition is possible in qualifications such as pro-business official approval (secretary official approval, business document official approval, business business manner official approval, service service official approval) of metal oxide semiconductor (Microsoft Office Specialist) examination and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology support to prove PC skill, business ability test (B ken) job pass, too. Furthermore, we can acquire qualifications such as bookkeeping ability test, information official approval (J ken) as qualification in conjunction with business skill. It will be admitted that we have skill necessary for office work work of company widely by acquiring plural such qualifications.

Work utilized learning of business?

When we find a job in what kind of industry, we can make use of skill to wear while we learn about business. There are surely many people finding a job in IT system company, but we collaborate with others at the same time to learn IT, Web, accounts, management in a good balance, and problem solution can play an active part in business office work not only IT system company by feeding problem solution to wrestle. It may be said that place clogged up is to learn "knowledge that we want to acquire as member of society" with learning of business. After that, which "we are strong in IT" will be that field which can keep business skill that we learned in technical school alive strongly opens if there is strength that difference is acquired by other people "good at foreign language".

It may be said that, in particular, it becomes important to ascertain own way faster during attendance at school well simply because business skill is every industry and can inflect.

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