• We become technical CG creator creating CG of computer graphics graduate course world level

Computer graphics graduate course Advanced Computer Graphics

Heroes to answer to by building and town, monster, magic made of water changing phantasmagorically that huge dragon destroys…. We learn high CG technology including CG effect to look only like destruction and live-action films such as explosion, fluid coming up in high-end picture work. We aim at technical CG creator who can do CG production that made full use of programming technique after the graduation.

Subject news, work

The type of job to aim at

  • Technical CG creator
  • Technical artist
  • Effect creator
  • CG creator
  • CG engineer
  • Motion capture engineers

Point of learning


"We become technical CG creator

It is subject that is rare in the country that introduced curriculum which we optimized into upbringing of technical CG creator whom human resources lack in world CG, VFX industry.


We learn expert skill that Houdini, NUKE, MEL, the CG industry including Python demand

Houdini (fudini), NUKE (nuku) learn technical system CG tool and programming languages such as MEL (Mel) or Python (python). We meet high needs of the CG industry.


Graduate plays an active part as technical CG creator at home and abroad

Many graduates with high technique "trip of Fanta stick beast and magician" ": kovenanto alien" "X-MAN participate in many topic products including apokaripusu" "Paddington 2".

Current students interview

It is charm of CG to be able to make picture just as wanted

Kaito Itachiyama
We are from Saitama Prefectural Soka high school

Inner always making the first move / tone plus animation studio

Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
We loved Disney movie since it was small and we wanted to make in particular CG movie such as "Toy Story" and entered this subject that CG production could learn from the beginning.
Q. Future dream and aim?
As CG animator, we want to become able to make live-action film and CG which has high completeness so as not to be able to tell the difference. Dream is to deal with CG of hollywood movie.
Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
As we have teachers playing an active part instruct on the site using the latest apparatus, we can learn in environment good at all. CG that we made with class was useful for job hunting.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

We bring up technical CG creator by industry-university cooperation project in production environment where study is comfortable in the highest CG technology

digital flask R & D Center
(CG research center)
We establish "digital flask R & D Center" studying the highest CG technology in cooperation with CG production company. We promote many companies and industry-university cooperation projects and return various techniques to study, student eagerly.
The latest devices such as Head Mount Display & drones
Practical use advances to VR (virtual reality) by epoch-making Head Mount Display "Oculus Rift" and real-time CG by diversification of picture contents. We introduce the highest device including motion capture system and drone including those machine parts in core course and open width of expression that assumed CG nucleus.
3D PRN which can confirm three-dimensional quality
It is the highest learning environment that can generate three-dimensional quality as design by 3DCG data which we made on computer. We actually take thing which was not seen in hand and are connected only by screen of computer for improvement of molding in in being checked.

Use programming is easy to understand industry-wide standard "Houdini" "Maya" "NUKE" with the original teaching materials

We introduce advanced software "Houdini"
Advanced software of CG production used in VFX production such as recent works. We introduce Houdini in the country and are one of a few subjects to be able to learn at level that can play an active part in the professional production spot.
Picture editing, image processing software of professional specifications is fulfilling
"Photoshop" "Illustrator is fully equipped with "AfterEffects" "NUKE" for paint and image processing for picture editing, too" and, including 3DCG production software "Maya" of professional specifications "3ds Max," uses 3D sukaruputotsuru "ZBrush".
The original teaching materials of lecturer at principal school writing
Textbook first Japanese in three-dimensional CG software "Houdini" by lecturer at principal school writing. The plain teaching materials including "MEL" and "PyMEL" where we can add difficult expression to freely get evaluation that is high in the CG industry by standard function of "Maya".

Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

Main workplace

A lot of group of Digital Frontier / omnibus Japan / innocence / o L M digital / jet studio / dynamo pictures / Arc System Works / Polygon Pictures / wandariumu / Dan Delaware ion animation studio LLC/ pre-seeds /Codelight/GAE/ The Crescent / jiarudoraibu / scarab studio / Camelot / voxel / play heart / hand / red entertainment / Matsuda model / Sine boy / anima /GEMBA/ asobimo / from software / SEGA / BANDAI NAMCO games / SQUARE ENIX / TOEI ANIMATION / tone plus animation studio / Daisy /ILCA/ TOEI digital center others

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