• We become smart energy management engineer in high electrician subject "nation qualification W acquisition" + "Eco technology"

High electrician subject Advanced Electrical Engineering

We acquire denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi, person of construction class teacher, qualification of rikujo*shumusengishi in addition to national qualification such as electric chief engineer or electric construction person in core course. In addition, we wear most advanced technology which fused by "electricity" and "IT" including "smart grid" optimizing photovoltaic power generation, hydrogen generation (fuel cell), learning of new energy technique represented by smart meters and transmission and reception of electricity from both on the supply side, demand side.

The type of job to aim at

  • Electric chief engineer
  • Electric construction person
  • Energy audit professional
  • Energy management people

Point of learning


"Electric chief engineer"
The "electric construction person" qualification W acquisition

Commencing with qualification of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorized "electric chief engineer" "electric construction person", it is very strong for employment by qualification of "denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi" "construction class teacher person" "rikujo*shumusengishi".


New energy such as up-and-coming "sunlight" "hydrogen" is learned now

We learn Japanese Government including energy management system (HEMS) and smart meter about Eco who is kind to new energy technique and global environment promoting.


To the highest engineer carrying the acquisition future by smart energy management

We play an active part as Engineer smart energy management that is indispensable to life in not only electric maintenance, operation, supervision, management, construction necessary for conventional engineer but also near future.

Current students interview

We listen to distance with teacher in anything soon!

Kato saint
We are from Ibaraki Prefectural Fujishiro High School

Inner always making the first move / NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO Co., Ltd.

Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
It is opportunity to have wanted to touch job in hand in this industry as electricity-related work is high in future. We could learn slowly and carefully for three years and facilities were good and chose JEOL of 100% of rate of employment.
Q. Learning in high electrician subject, and thinking that it was good?
It is that a lot of training can learn about electricity widely. As it can ask casually not to know the distance with teacher soon and tells carefully, understanding deepens. It is big result that was able to acquire the third Chief kind electricity engineer and first-class electricity construction person, energy management person during attendance at school above all.
Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
Though we want to get electric work, person not to know what we should do is all right. As we take qualification, and technical knowledge and technique are acquired, there are a lot of future choices!

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

The strongest learning environment to be able to learn "electricity" + "construction" + "new energy" in a mass

Learning that is effective with original apparatus of teacher design is possible
Experiment training room which acquires technique and knowledge to manage electric installation safely. Including power supply board for experiment that core course teacher designed, we learn using apparatus for experiment of electric circuit by teacher production and many original apparatuses such as transformers and device. Effective learning that we focused on not to be possible is possible with the commercial teaching materials.
Smart energy management system HEMS (heme)
Energy management system "HEMS" that we realize use of effective electricity, and power saving and CO2 reduction are expected. We introduce education of HEMS performing management, control of renewable energy and condensers such as visualization and power saving, photovoltaic power generation of electric energy to use in core course quickly. We will fix the strongest environment that can learn technique that demand is sublimed into surely in future.

The original teaching materials which core course teacher whom even beginner was easy to understand wrote

Smart house to know from the beginning
PV system duties inexperienced person whom core course teacher wrote and original textbook intelligible for beginner. It is content that even person from course High School and faculty of liberal arts student can usually learn without unreasonableness smoothly.
Photovoltaic power generation measuring instrument which is indispensable to measurement
Photovoltaic power generation that is kind of renewable energy. It is the exclusive teaching material which is necessary at the time of confirmation and maintenance that quantity of generation according to standard is provided from solar panel about the photovoltaic power generation.
The energy management adviser authorized training
Company cooperates with principal school and, for right knowledge about "wound, *, the ministry" of energy and upbringing of human resources with management power, carries out. We carry out qualification authorization lecture of academic version for students in principal school.

Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

Workplace to aim at

It is a lot of sincerity electric facilities / Johnson Controls / Yamaka Electric Construction / Rokko Denki / meidensha / Masumi electric facilities / Ebara environment plant / close electric facilities detailed / Japan electric facilities train line construction /JR East Japan /JR Tokai / Keio Corp. / Tokyo Metro others on association of Mitsubishi Electric plant engineering / Toyo Building maintenance / Kowa Real Estate Investment facility / Nomura Real Estate Development partners / Metropolitan expressway electricity maintenance / Tokyu facility service / Kanto electricity preservation / Naka Nihon highway engineering Tokyo / Furukawa instrumentation / Isuzu building maintenance /JFE steel / completion Yuuraku real estate / East Japan electricity engineering /IHI Logitec / Japan Bill Kong / Japan instrumentation system / Keio facilities service / Takasago Marusei engineering / Taihei building service / glove ship / Japan elevator service /JESCO Holdings / KYUDENKO / Kyowa Exeo / nova electrical industry / Osaki electric facilities / dennarisha / SANWA COMSYS Engineering Corp. / Japan electric facilities communication construction / NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO / Nitto Denko Corp. / day

Qualification to get

  • ・Electric chief engineer
  • ・Electric construction person
  • ・Energy management person
  • ・Authorized electric construction worker
  • ・Firefighting equipment person
  • ・rikujo*shumusengishi
  • ・denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi
  • ・kankojihodokoshikokanrigishi
  • ・Construction class teacher person
  • ・Energy management adviser
  • ・Energy audit professional
  • ・Dangerous materials operating personnel
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