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Game production graduate course Advanced Game Programming

We learn programming, design, sound necessary for game production, all of planning. As well as game production company, we produce high quality game through project-style that one produces by plural teams. "Game award in Japan" is selected for high level, and it is proven even that there was release offer in student work. A lot of direct instruction of active creator carry out, too.

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The type of job to aim at

  • Game programmer
  • Game CG designer
  • Game planner
  • Game director
  • Game producers

Point of learning


Instruction direct active game creator

A lot of direct instruction by professional including charisma creator Keiji Inafune who led "lock man" "biohazard" "ogre warrior" "monster hunter" series to success carry out.


A lot of winning a prize including Japanese game grand prix

A lot of winning a prize including "game award in Japan" "Fukuoka game contest" "Asia digital art grand prix." It was broadcasted coverage, TV student work at Tokyo game show that exhibited work every year.


We find a job to GungHo, level five, SEGA, KONAMI, CAPCOM

A large number of graduates participate in production of famous game including "biohazard dark side chronicles" "family ski". We are playing an active part as programmer, designer, planner.

Current students interview

Because he/she scolds, it is forged!

Shoichi Hasegawa
We are from Tokyo Metropolitan light hill High School

Inner always making the first move / CAPCOM CO.,LTD

Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
At first, we chose only for interest, but there were many teachers with humanity by experience-based entrance to school, and it became decisive factor. It is attractive to have been own three years system when it is made sure of slowly and carefully wanting to do it.
Q. Learning in game production graduate course, and thinking that it was good?
Let alone the making of game, we were able to be taught necessary thing as member of society well. Proof that we were scolded well, but mind it. We were glad.
Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
We produce work to exhibit for Tokyo game show to limit. Heart shook with a great number of people having lined up by waiting for one hour. If such an impression experience is here, we can do it.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

"Programming" "design" "sound" Heiss peck training room to be able to learn all in the same classroom

Game development room which was fully equipped with Heiss peck machine & Oculus Rift
We introduce latest Heiss peck machine and "Oculus Rift" to be able to use software necessary for game production for without stress. We are fully equipped with Mac for development for iPhone and iPad for arcade and consumer game, game production for Android in WindowsPC. "Cubase" acquires wide technique about game production for sound production.
Environment only by racing game is fulfilling
Race game that successive students succeed development is "Aim Racing" series. High quality was recognized and was introduced by Tokyo game show in "mezamashidoyobi". In the development environment, exclusive racing sheet, steering, three monitors are substantial including the latest Heiss peck PC.

The original teaching materials which are full of education know-how that technique necessary for game creator acquires

The original teaching materials which were divided into each genre
We prepare original text which core course teacher who can learn production of 3D gamings such as action, shooting using "Unity" "Unreal Engine" systematically wrote. There are eight kinds of original texts and is going to increase in future now.
Practical game development environment in connection with company
In cooperation with game company, we introduce development environment of home-use game console to experience practical game development from school days, and there is opportunity to produce. Right photograph is thing of portable entertainment system PlayStation®Vita title development project.
Software of professional specifications including "3dsMax"
We use "3dsMax" which is used a lot in the game industry for 3DCG production. In addition, it is learning environment like professional including "Photoshop" "Illustrator" "AfterEffects" "Cubase".

Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

Main workplace

It is a lot of /JT planning / CyberStep / Inge robe / KINOTROPE / F Schick / Eitaro software / witch craft / Sachs entertainment / gurandingu / studio zan / six temple / Y two / claw studio / platinum egg / DP / success / asobimo / game pot / perseverance on / Marvelous AQL/ vanguard / cyber connect two / from software others in SQUARE ENIX / SEGA / KONAMI / CAPCOM / GungHo Online Entertainment / level five / Konami Digital Entertainment / dingo / SIMM / will / Eighting / Digital Frontier / uniko / dejiderikku / orchid cars / Cattle Call / media 22nd century

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