• It is all right if we entrust information processing department him! We become such a programmer

Information processing department Information Processing

Engineer playing most role in the IT industry is programmer. We put together in "five phases of stage up learning law" that divided learning process into five phases and own aptitude and preference and we install optional "six choice courses" and fix environment that inexperienced person is easy to learn. It is the most suitable subject that beginner who does not know programming language itself learns from zero well and aims at programmer.

Subject news, work

The type of job to aim at

  • Programmer
  • System operations manager

Point of learning


Is two years by "five phases of stage up learning law"; inexperienced person to programmer

Most of the core course new students are inexperienced people. Therefore we set time for programming training a little too much and instruct with original textbook carefully. We can learn to aptitude in six choice courses.


Job opening-to-application ratio of wonder of approximately 50 times! Because we acquire certain technique, we are strong in employment!

More than 20000 graduates are produced by the history and the results of 50 years from education start of information processing technique to the IT industry. We find a job to IT company of "Canon" "Yahoo" "NTT" "Hitachi" system as programmer a lot.


We can acquire plural qualifications that are advantageous to employment including "IT passport" "basic information engineer"

Because core course curriculum meets lecture condition that Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan authorizes, examination is exempted from in the morning of "basic information engineer" by passing intramural completion examination.

In two years next from 6 courses
We can choose own future.

Even inexperienced person learns the basics by the original learning method to be able to learn without unreasonableness severely next for one year. From 2 annual
・Application programming
・Control programming
・Database system development
・Office expert
・PHP programming
・Mobile application
We choose among course of this freely and can be improved to aptitude.

  • Application

    Authentic application
    We learn technique of development

  • Control

    Imminent home electric appliances
    We learn programming to control

  • Database
    System development

    Data manipulation screen ・ by Access
    We make system based on bills

  • Office

    "Excel" of Microsoft
    We learn and aim at qualification of "metal oxide semiconductor"

  • Mobile

    Of application for Android
    We learn development method

  • PHP

    Grammar of PHP used on Web
    And it is learned about database operation

Current students interview

There is teacher going together thoroughly

Ai Kushibiki
Tokyo Metropolitan Sakura Oizumi High School native place

Inner always making the first move /M-SOLUTIONS

Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
It was suggested to teacher of high school that JEOL was good if we wanted to learn programming. In the case of experience-based entrance to school, correspondence of teacher whom he/she taught carefully until I understood became decisive factor.
Q. Point to think to have been enough in JEOL
It was days when we could realize that we acquired technique and knowledge by class contents easy to read and support of teacher. We think that it was good to trust kindness of teacher whom we felt to be experience-based entrance to school. Informal appointment is decided on company of subsidiary of SoftBank, too and feels temporarily relieved.
Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
Charm of information processing department is place to be able to learn from the basics about information processing technique widely well. As teacher with work experience teaches technique to be helpful by real duties, we are reliable after the employment!

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

Computer which can learn plural programming languages is fully equipped with one one

Computer training room
Environment that can learn three programming languages of "C language" "JAVA" "C#" from the basics systematically is regulated well in computer training room for exclusive use of core course. It is advantageous to job hunting by acquiring plural programming technique. In addition, it is completely equipped with computer training room for exclusive use of system development, too. We prepare for substantial learning environment.

Even use inexperienced person acquires technique without unreasonableness with the original teaching materials more than ten kinds smoothly

The original teaching materials which can learn programming language effectively
We use collection of problems and practice book of core course original suitable for the acquisition of "algorithm" necessary for programmer playing an active part in the IT industry "C language" "JAVA" "C ♯". We prepare for the teaching materials which are easy to understand in education know-how of 50 years from education start of information processing technique, and are usable at home.
Because can learn in "Visual Studio", is the spot, but adaptable fighting potential!
"Visual Studio" is development tool which Microsoft provides and can easily make various programs quickly. It is smooth after the employment for development environment that is used a lot so many in the IT industry.
"Five phases of stage up learning law" for zero stage training is soft and dissolves uneasiness!
On the first stage (0 stages) of five phases of stage up learning law, we dissolve uneasiness for program using training software to master program in learning program for two years.

Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

Main workplace

A lot of Canon / Yahoo /NTT com engineering / Hitachi Solutions nexus / Tokyu computing system /SBS Holdings / Mizuho operation service / ibis inc. Japan / mutual prosperity systems / kyoritsugikenkogyo / Japan Yunika systems / Japan tekunosutorakuchaa / Yamato system create / Ryoyu Systems / Hitachi sofutekku / Cosmo / enutishi / higashikyokyoso computer /CLINKS/ eastern capital system development /NTT SOFT SERVICE / transcosmos / Sobal /NHK media technology / Fuji Techno Service / Nippon Information Industry / Litek /GMO Internet / SECOM / co-op information system / Keihin Electric Express system / Nissin Food Products others

Qualification to get

  • ・IT passport
  • ・Basic information engineer
  • ・Applied information technology person
  • ・Microsoft Office Specialist (metal oxide semiconductor)
  • ・Information official approval (J ken)
  • ・Business ability test (B ken) job pass
  • ・Internet Certificate Examination .com Master
  • ・Microsoft authorization qualification
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