• We become senior system engineer to 1 step top in high information processing department plus one year

High information processing department Advanced Information Processing

To be senior system engineer, including lecture and internship of active SE cooperate with company positively. And we introduce the highest technique including big data and cloud. We can learn in substantial environment. In addition, we add pressure for employment measures including graduation production to make system development by introduction and university-industry research collaboration of academy program of Oracle Corporation.

Subject news, work

The type of job to aim at

  • Senior system engineer
  • Database engineer
  • Project managers

Point of learning


100% of rate of employment※
We aim at upper SE

It is found work a lot to "Canon" "JR East information system" "SoftBank" "Yahoo" "LINE" "tepukoshisutemuzu" "Hitachi Software Engineering systems design". ※The graduate results


Qualification "Oracle gold" more than two which are advantageous to employment "DB specialist" producing

It produces passer including "Oracle master gold" authorizing technical qualification of database share world No. 1 "Oracle Corporation" "database specialist" "person of applied information technology" a lot.


Instruction direct active system engineer
Exclusive duty teacher is SE experienced person, too

University-industry research collaboration class that active system engineer teaches to core course student directly. We introduce internship that student receives practical training in in companies. We can learn state-of-the-art through industry cooperation.

Current students interview

It is started by life reset, zero.

Minoru Kato Sea
We are from Niigata Prefectural Agano high school

Inner always making the first move / Gurunavi Inc.

Q. Reason why we chose JEOL as?
We did part-time jobber for two years, but decide so that we want to start the life again, and it is in SE. We thought that we could learn from the beginning and chose JEOL specialized in IT. Good access was decisive factor, too.
Q. High information processing department having been enough?
As there was no knowledge of SE and was start from zero, it was good to be three years system to be able to learn slowly and carefully. It was charm that descent from curriculum had environment of Oracle clearly.
Q. Message to person thinking about entrance to school in future
At first, we wanted to cry without being able to follow class. But it is all right if used! We make tech job work desired even if there is blank. Please challenge new thing without giving up.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

We are fully equipped with training environment necessary for upper grade SE that the latest database technology can learn

Computer training room
Training room fully equipped with Oracle product which is actually used in system development of IT company. The latest Oracle product is always available, and, for Oracle academy introduction school, environment that can acquire qualification of Oracle master is regulated well. Substantial facilities including server computer for exclusive use of graduation production are set.
We support non-member activity including seminar and contest positively
We support cooperation with non-member positively without staying within study including the acquisition of advanced technology by participation, receiving a prize to programming contest and non-member seminar. There are the results engaged in system development to perform work management using smartphone in picture contest that it is hosted by "NPO corporation child net museum" (Yokohama-shi) by university-industry research collaboration.

We introduce Oracle academy of Oracle Corporation for the first time in Japan

Oracle database
"Oracle database" wears technique of database management system that is essential for system development, and database management system to account for top share of global market is advantageous at all to employment in what qualification acquires.
UML modeling tool
Tool which we can easily draw as figure of model who is easy to understand system structure or the function. We are used for the purpose of drawing figure of systems design to develop. It is tool used a lot so many in the system development spot.
In "virtualization environment," we realize wide development environment
What we can use with one computer virtualizes "WindowsOS" and "LinuxOS". Virtualization is technique attracting attention very much in the current IT industry. We realize various development environments by using virtualization environment.

Balanced high quality curriculum of "vocational education" and "career education"

By development of "industry-university co-operation joint development curriculum", we always update the industry and the latest curriculum which we can tune up. In addition, it becomes curriculum configuration that made correlation such as development subject and allied subject clear more than annual to put on specialty in the body effectively.

Main workplace

A lot of Canon /JR East Japan information system / Fujitsu Social Sience Laboratory / Gurunavi / Tokyu computing system / mixi / Hitachi INS software / transcosmos / Jordan / Fujimoto HD/DNP information system /LINE/NTT data eye /NTT comware /YKK AP/ Yahoo / Accenture / kampo system Solutions / SoftBank / Yamato System Development / VAL Laboratory /ANA systems / TOSHIBA information systems / Nippon Securities technology / Japan Research Institute information service / FUSO DENTSU / tepukoshisutemuzu / Hitachi Solutions / Fuji Xerox / KYOCERA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS /CTC system management others

Qualification to get

  • ・Basic information engineer
  • ・Applied information technology person
  • ・Database specialist
  • ・Oracle master
  • ・Oracle authorization JAVA programmer (OCJ-P)
  • ・Linux engineer authorization qualification (LinuC, LPIC)
  • ・UML modeling skill authorization
  • ・Information official approval (J ken)
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