Network security

Subject introduction

We become security engineer fighting against invisible malice

Network security department

Network security department

Two years system

What kind of industry is {data.course_security.title}} field?
Now that the world became one on the Internet (Web), let alone convenience of cell-phone and PC, new service equipped with state-of-the-art including appearance of "household appliances network" which picture which got on network wave from DVD player can watch without wiring in which room is the booming industry announced in sequence.
If we aim at {data.course_security.title}} field
As for the chance about work to have anything to do with the world, it is a lot;, because of the profession, in addition to the acquisition of linguistic ability, wide field of vision for all properly intelligible communication and genres is demanded for request of visitor. Therefore it will usually absorb various things including new product information and news in greed.
Aptitude of {data.course_security.title}} field?
If there is pure thought "that PC and computer like!", it is all right. It is unauthorized access of hacker, LAN system, difficult technical term such as network systems design and energy to wear technique, and the enthusiasm should open way to engineer.

More particularly, to "about the network security industry and the learning"

NetRiders Competitions (sponsorship: cisco systems)

[representative from Japan]

Student of network security department participates in meeting to compete with network for technique, knowledge of Linux. From the plural participants, we gained championship wonderfully and were chosen as representative from Japan of "NetRiders Competitions" which we carried out in all the countries of the world.

Sota Matsumoto (network security department)

Support message from the industry ※The full name order of the kana syllabary


Network consultant

Misaki Seki

We are from Tokyo Metropolitan Adachi High School
Network security department graduation

After having played an active part as network engineer in Net One Systems known as leading company of the network industry, it is entered the company in May, 2017 by SoftBank. Now IX (Internet exchange) ※We proceed to BBIX performing business and are playing an active part as network consultant.

※Internet exchange is Internet exchange point of the Internet.

High school days

You are absorbed in "being connected" by the Internet, and be interested in the structure gradually

It seemed that we did such work with well energetic physical science, but was weak in mathematics in the days of high school student in faculty of liberal arts, too. But it liked PC to touch and chatted almost every day in illustration pro-contribution SNS when we returned from school. There is the world that oneself does not know there when connected to the Internet, and people be in various ways…Feeling connected to the unknown thing to rake in, was fun. It came to gradually think, "the Internet to connect people not to know with is great!" and came to be interested in the structure at last saying "we are connected how". When we became third grader, oneself was already thinking that it was Shu for work to be certainly concerned with the Internet.

The Nichiden times

We had network engineer train indispensable logical intellectual power

Of course we thought that it was important to acquire knowledge at university, but, anyway, oneself at the time wore specialized knowledge immediately and thought to want to jump into the industry as soon as possible was strong and thought that therefore technical school was the best. Because what chose JEOL felt charm in environment of substantial learning and perfect support system. Cisco for training ※To hear story that router was prepared more than one one, we wanted to learn by all means in such an environment. It is CCNA during attendance at school to still think that it was good to enter this school ※It is that knowledge and technique of level were acquired. When we had begun to work as Engineer network in having been able to have you train logical intellectual power through lecture and training thoroughly more that it did study for qualification, it was really useful. In addition, we can learn both age and career with different people during attendance at school, and it is useful very much that we argue, and there was after social appear and thinks that it was good experience.

※The world's largest computer network apparatus developer that cisco systems (British: Cisco Systems, Inc.) establishes the head office in United States of America California San Jose. It is often called by abbreviation of Cisco (cisco).

※Examination to authorize skill of Engineer network that cisco systems company that CCNA is the world's largest network-related apparatus maker carries out.


We were able to get work to support, "we are connected" that oneself in the days of high school student was interested

We worked as network engineer after the graduation. JANOG which worked, but always participated well where is felt worth doing ※It is opportunity to have had you call out by meeting of network engineers called this and changes our job in SoftBank. We proceed to company called BBIX providing IX service in SoftBank Group and are working as network engineer now. It is service to realize high-quality network for low price, but there are imagination, "the world to be seen from this may open more if person that there is more is connected in network" thinking about in the days of high school student and place overlapping slightly, and there are a little, deeply impressive thing by being directly connected to network between contractors of service via IX, and changing each other's traffic. By the way, in this industry, aging of engineer is in progress. In other words, as for the person who is interested in this field, it is certainly to human resources demanded from after this now. At first, a lot of technical terms come out, but please save knowledge and technique tenaciously.

※JANOG (janogu) is abbreviation of JApan Network Operators' Group. It is group for the purpose of contribution to Internet engineer and user of, Japan.


System engineer

Yuta Tsutsui

Network security department graduate

We want you to pursue "it is fun".
There is future own figure which we want to aim at over there.

As for the junior high school era, cannot follow study; for school refusal. High school enters a school of higher grade to communication system. "In this situation while thinking, is not good", at time of course choice…. It was interested in field of network security under the influence of father who was system engineer, and it was JEOL to have arrived while we looked for. We participate in entrance to school event with parents and impression of teacher and the staff is good and we feel atmosphere fitting oneself and decide to thought entrance to school "it is what if it is here, or can you change?".

We study after the entrance to school absorbedly. We pushed forward without knowing, but one day it came to be revealed what the beginning in 1 annual learned clearly as way in front opened suddenly. It couldn't help being really pleasant to be able to practice what we understood definitely by own hand. We participate in extracurricular activities such as skill Olympics or troubleshooting contest afterwards. In troubleshooting contest, we could challenge with friend and became in particular very memorable experience. Even job hunting challenges major company. When we got informal appointment, we were really glad.

The present is the entering a company fourth year. Operation, maintenance, correspondence by telecontrol were alone by a series of duties and, as network engineer of NTT group, came to be able to cope from design, construction of network. We are worthwhile very much as much as we feel responsibility in network operation, keeping in good condition that many people use. It is full of feelings that we want to challenge still more. We are devoted every day to be able to be engaged in high duties of degree of difficulty more.

Parents who always supported and teacher and friend who told pleasure of network security contribute to the fact that we can be devoted to work with worth doing in this way now. We can stand up again and again even if we trip if there is "pleasure". In addition, behind things feeling that it is fun, there are "people building up" in it by all means. It may be future own figure. If there is a little courage to embark on before one step, we can become oneself to want to become. Therefore at first please find out "pleasant thing". And we think that we want you to pursue.

[Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation M E (NTT-ME)]
Develop "corporate support business" to provide construction, operation, "communications network allied enterprise" and service and solution to watch in network of NTT group; "network synthesis engineering company."

Subject introduction

We become security engineer fighting against invisible malice

Network security department

Network security department

Two years system

About the network security industry and the learning

To learn network security?

What kind of image will you have for "network security?" Though "we do not understand well, "technical knowledge thinks that there are various kinds of liking what uses computer though it is rare" "how safe is password?" which "we do not know setting up though we always use because the Internet is convenient" which it seems to be somehow important". There may be person thinking, "we do not matter because oneself is faculty of liberal arts".

It became that the present, the Internet said to be information-oriented society were really familiar with our life. For us who have known the convenience, life without the Internet will not be thought about at all. However, it is also fact that weakness of the security becomes problem as for the Internet. "○ ten thousand matter personal information by unauthorized access of someone hear news that flowed out", and "after all safety is problem…There may be person holding "thought "is introduction of my number system all right?".

Then it is managed, and what kind of security technology will be used for the Internet in what kind of structure now? We think that there may be unexpectedly few people understanding the structure. It plays a key role of learning of network security to learn security technology such as coding or electronic authentication after having understood basic technique of the Internet.

May anything be good when we learn network security?

In late years interest in the world in network security is increasing, and many companies focus on security to manage information on net. Therefore technical knowledge about the Internet and security and human resources with skill are demanded. It may be said that it is nothing but that it obtains "protective gear" to survive modern information-oriented society to learn about network security.

Do you not wear practical skill that which "we want to make own strength as we like computer" learns you, network security "to learn about the Internet, and to want to make use of which "we are interested in security system of the Internet" for employment" and survives information-oriented society?

What do you learn about network security specifically?

Through practical class using PC, we learn about basic concept of network and technology, construction and operation, security of server.

About security to play a key role of learning, we deepen unauthorized access measures and electronic authentication, understanding of high information security management system after having learned the current situations such as unauthorized access or virus on network. About construction and operation of server, we actually operate server after having learned algorithm and Linux, the basics of programming by JAVA.

It is not necessary to shun learning about programming and information technology just because of faculty of liberal arts native place from beginning. We stretch out own ability by wrestling eagerly and can connect with qualification without knowledge about programming language and design at the time of entrance to school.

What kind of qualification can you acquire when you learn network security?

We take various National Examination for Information Processing Technicians that IPA (Information-Technology Promotion Agency, Japan) carries out and can acquire qualification when we learn about network security. National Examination for Information Processing Technicians is national examination that Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorizes that knowledge, skill as data processing specialist reaches standard above a certain level. It becomes advantageous to employment to acquire national qualification of these information system at the present when security of human resources with high information processing technique becomes urgent business.

Qualification that most of students learning information processing aim at the acquisition first is Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination. Because it is admitted that we have basic knowledge, skill as data processing specialist by the acquisition of basic information engineer, it may be said that it is qualification equal to entrance on starting carrier as IT engineer. In addition, there are a lot of people acquiring national qualification of high rank called information security specialist examination and Network Specialist Examination.

Furthermore, qualification of information system does not remain in national qualification. We make use of knowledge of network security which we learned, and many students acquire CCNA Routing&Switching and Linux engineer authorization (LPIC) that are one of the cisco engineer authorization qualifications. We can aim at host qualification called CCNP about cisco engineer authorization qualification. Such a qualification is called vendor qualification (private qualification system to authenticate that user of IT-related product satisfies appropriate operation technology and management technology), but, in the case of employment, is appreciated like national qualification.

Work utilized learning of network security?

It will be Engineer network and Engineer network security that is cited in the first on the list as the type of job to be able to aim at by learning about IT and information processing. Most of graduates find a job in company of Web system and system system. When we find a job as network engineer and network security engineer, we design network infrastructure of customer and build network, and duties contents to discover weakness of customer site, and to prevent accident of information play a key role. As stated above, a lot of demand is generally said to be because many companies need professional of security if salary is higher than other occupations.

But there is not necessarily for reason that "can find work anywhere if we learn network security". We do not wear only skill of security, and it is necessary to learn about network system widely. After that, it will become important to ascertain own way faster during attendance at school well.

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