• We aim at security engineer who acquired technique of network security department world level

Network security department (night school)

We bring up Engineer security to protect company and social important information from virus or hacking becoming globally big problem. We learn efficiently led by cisco networking academy to aim at high technical acquirement in a short time. We introduce joint development program with industry leader company and can acquire technique, qualification of balanced global standards.

Subject news, work

The type of job to aim at

  • Security engineer
  • Network engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Server manager

Point of learning


We acquire technique of global standards with Japanese Verisign Corporation of the electronic authentication share top and the teaching materials which we developed jointly.


We introduce "WBT" using the Internet that we can learn at home "remote laboratory" system.


It produces CCNP, CCSP, difficulty licensee including LPIC. Many graduates play an active part in leading corporation of the industry.

Current students interview

Takashi Fukuda
There is member of society experience from Ibaraki private institution Kashima school High School

Inner always making the first move / first information system

There was not that we wanted to do it particularly in high school days and continued working part-time after the graduation. There was that we liked PC and was gradually interested in work of IT and came to think about network and security. As there were few schools which could learn such technique, knowledge, entrance to school to JEOL was necessity. Class was only talk to hear for the first time, but while we heard, it could be understood and became interesting. As we learn from zero and were able to arrive until employment informal appointment, it is subject that can feel relieved.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

We acquire technique necessary for security engineer. More than 200 cisco routers. Virtualization environment is fully equipped, too

Computer training room
We learn specialized subject such as "unauthorized access measures" "electronic authentication" "server security" "security log analysis" from the basics of network and security. In addition, through server construction of network system, we learn server management technology of manager level from user.
More than 200 cisco router switches
We learn basic technique of network and server which are fully equipped with more than 200 Internet interconnect equipment "routers" becoming the largest "switch" in Japanese higher education system, and are required to Engineer security using actual machine of 2-3 one. It is easy to understand than learning using sim software and, for learning using actual machine, can learn effectively.

We introduce "Oki Electric Industry Corporation" "NTT-AT company" and practical curriculum which we developed jointly

The original teaching materials
We learn using the original teaching materials (class print) which accorded with training room environment of this subject by training, practice subject of each network server security field other than curriculum by company cooperation including cisco systems company, Oki Electric Industry Corporation, NTT-AT company.
Wireless LAN construction curriculum
By curriculum which "Oki Electric Industry Corporation" and core course developed jointly, it is learned by wireless LAN standard of company. We learn setting and security settings of wireless LAN from the measurement of access point while confirming data flowing through influence by setting change by radio.
Cisco networking academy

Network engineer upbringing program which Internet apparatus giant "cisco systems company" introduced into Japan in 1999. It produces introduction (※), CCNA and CCNP passer in core course a lot every year from the first in 1999.

  • ※Principal school include having introduced in 1999; only in universities, 13 technical schools of the whole country

Main workplace

A lot of NTT communications /NTT com solution & engineering / rack /NEC Nets S eye service / Accenture Technology Solutions Japan Corporation / Kay E Erte country Cal service / D eye system / uni-Adek's /DNP digital com / first information system /CTC system service / Nippon Information Development / Digital Information Technologies / human capital / Japan and Korea information system / Japan business development / TRANSNET / Japan Computer Services / interest instrumentation / MITSUI KNOWLEDGE INDUSTRY /CLINKS/ Net One Systems /KDDI eboruba /NT T data system technology / intanettoinshiatibu /MKI technology /NTT com technology / Fuji Xerox information system / JAPAN THIRD PARTY /TDI system service others down

Qualification to get

  • ・Information security specialist
  • ・Cisco engineer authorization (CCNA Routing and switching, CCNP)
  • ・LPI Linux engineer authorization (LPIC)
  • ・CompTIA Security
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