• To specialist who electrician subject is without examination, and treats acquisition electricity in super difficulty qualification

Electrician subject (night school)

We always bring up the stable engineering industry of needs, the electric construction industry, the railroad industry, electric installation manager playing an active part in building management companies, construction engineer. Because it is Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism authorization subject, core course exempts from super difficulty qualification "electricity chief engineer" examination by core course graduation. We acquire high technique to pass from the basics in the front line by learning application systematically.

The type of job to aim at

  • Electric chief engineer
  • Electric construction engineer
  • denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi
  • Facility design engineer
  • Building management engineer

Point of learning


It is without examination and acquires "Chief second kind, third kind electricity engineer" who is super difficulty nation qualification. ※After having passed through predetermined work experience after the graduation, it is without examination, and the acquisition is possible only by application.


Approximately 100% of rate of employment. Related qualifying examinations such as "electric construction person" "electric construction construction management people" are treated well, too.


It is improved skill without unreasonableness in anyone for many years by cultivated education know-how.

Current students interview

Yamato Nakajima
There is member of society experience that is a graduate from Meikai University from Tokyo private institution mutual prosperity school High School

Inner always making the first move / Tokyo real estate management

Job shortage in late years to rarely see at the time of graduation from university. 40 companies were companies where workplace which received, and at last was decided must work by return on holiday. Therefore we remember words of friend, "we can eat throughout the life if we learn electricity" and decide change of job. We learned electricity while working part-time and had nai々tei in the daytime from major real estate management company of the first choice at end of 1 annual! We felt secure that confidence from company to JEOL looked for a job. Will acquire qualification in future, social; it is aim early economically to become independent.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

Technique and core course original training room usable on the site that knowledge acquires

Electric experiment training room
No matter how much there is knowledge about electricity, it cannot be said that with that alone it is professional. We actually carry out education to establish important point in checking by experiment to bring up human resources who had technique as well as knowledge in core course. Measurement machine parts same as professional are fully equipped with by lecture in exclusive laboratory which is made to test what we learned immediately.
Smart grid & PV system
Commencing with photovoltaic power generation that the use begins in as one of the earth and eco-friendly next-generation generation technologies, we learn about various generation technology including wind power, waterpower, heat. In addition, we learn about management, control technique not to use electricity that generated electricity idly. We acquire technique necessary for smart grid by total through such a learning.

As for electric experiment teaching materials of professional specifications, a lot of original apparatuses by core course teacher

Measuring equipment for electric experiment
Including power supply board for experiment that core course teacher designed, we learn using apparatus for experiment of electric circuit by teacher production and many original apparatuses such as transformers and device. Effective learning that we focused on not to be possible is possible with the commercial teaching materials.
Original textbook
Original textbook which we packed with education know-how of core course by the history of electric professional training 41 years. Principal school teacher writes this book to revise every year. It is devised so that student is easy to know by contents which are usable in conjunction with training class.

Main workplace

It is a lot of light / completion Yuuraku real estate / Keio facilities service / Sotetsu company / sky building service / Kashima building synthesis management / Marusei / Mitsubishi Electric plant engineering / nichibo / Tokyo real estate management / Seki mechanic facility / completion / Odakyu Department Store Services / Ebara environment plant others on association of JR East /JR Tokai / Keio Corp. / Tokyo Metro / Tokyu facility service / Kanto electricity preservation / Naka Nihon highway engineering Tokyo / Furukawa instrumentation / Isuzu building maintenance / Mita engineering / Yasuda estate service / East Japan electricity engineering /IHI Logitec / Japan Bill Kong / completion / Toyo Building maintenance / Taihei building service / Nihon Building Service / Japan elevator service / Kowa Real Estate Investment facility / Nomura building management / ion day

Qualification to get

  • ・The second kind, Chief third kind electricity engineer (it is without examination and acquires after work experience)
  • ・First-class second kind electricity construction person (the second kind exempts from written examination after the graduation)
  • ・First grade, 2 kyudenkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi (we exempt and work experience necessary for examination shortens)
  • ・First grade, 2 kyukankojihodokoshikokanrigishi (we exempt and work experience necessary for examination shortens)
  • ・First grade, 2 kyudate*kikaihodokoshikogishi (we exempt and work experience necessary for examination shortens)
  • ・First grade, 2 kyudate*hodokoshikokanrigishi (we exempt and work experience necessary for examination shortens
  • ・Firefighting equipment person / authorized electric construction worker / construction class teacher person / rikujo*shumusengishi
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