• Electric construction person department inexperienced person is reliable, too. In one year from beginner to professional electric construction person

Electric construction person department (night school)

We bring up electric construction person playing an active part in electric construction company and building management company, communication facilities company in one year. Because ratio of training, experiment, practice amounts in core course than 50%, we acquire practical technique systematically. It is without examination and can acquire "second kind electricity construction person" with graduation and supports the acquisition of high rank qualification "first-class electricity construction person" to be able to be engaged in large size electric equipment such as factory, building strongly.

The type of job to aim at

  • Electric construction person (electric construction engineer)
  • denkikojihodokoshikokanrigishi
  • Electric installation control engineer
  • Electric installation manager

Point of learning


It is without examination and acquires national qualification "second kind electricity construction person".


Per person every year more than 30 effective job offer multiples. By the opening of business independent let alone employment support to company where is strong in recession, and ゙ can anticipate stable work in the way of manager.


We reduce school expenses in specialized practice education training payment system. ※ We are authorized by during attendance or education training facilities and provide by application after attendance completion.

Current students interview

Shoya Shirakawa
There is member of society experience from Aomori Prefectural Kaneki High School

Inner always making the first move /No.1

After the local graduation from high school, go to Tokyo; and to school of cooking. It is change of job to way electric under the influence of father who worked as cook, but does electricity-related work. We go to electricity construction person department who can learn after the employment now while doing electric construction-related work. In JEOL, what qualification of "the second kind electricity construction person" necessary for work is without examination and can acquire is attractive for Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry authorization school. Coexistence of work and studies is great, but wants to do our best with the goal of qualification of "first-class electric construction person" in future.

Learning environment, the teaching materials, machine parts

We train practical technique to take lifeline on. Training environment that is most suitable for acquirement of technique to become adaptable fighting potential

Electric construction training room
We are fully equipped with PC to perform training room and electric drawing design that various measuring instruments were of. Training environment where technique helpful immediately is acquired prepares on the site.

Machine parts of professional specifications corresponding to wide technique

Sequence wiring training
Other than relay sequence to be used in factories, we learn LAN construction basics techniques in correspondence with Internet construction to increase rapidly with machine parts of professional specifications.

Main workplace

A lot of NIPPON DENSETSU KOGYO / SUZUDEN / Hitachi consumer marketing / Mitsubishi Estate property management / itec Muramoto / Seki mechanic power techno /No.1/ S Line Gifu / SANKI SERVICE /NAA facility / telework service / Yamaguchi electric machine engineering works place / nichibo / God, Christ and the Holy Spirit electricity / Keihin electric facilities / Fuji Kogyo / close sum Dengyo / Horiuchi Dengyo / nikyo electron / honor new techno / Iwasaki / Taihei building service / Owens / Furukawa instrumentation / Nichiden / SOMPO JAPAN building management / YAMATO electric facilities / Yokohama Building system / Takachiho disaster prevention industry / Iida Electric industry / north mechanic electricity / Makino electric facilities industry / tonichi / Ney com engineering others

Qualification to get

  • ・First-class second kind electricity construction person (we acquire the second kind after the graduation)
  • ・Authorized electric construction worker
  • ・Firefighting equipment person
  • ・Dangerous materials operating personnel
  • ・Construction class teacher person
  • ・Scholar of special electric construction qualification
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