Graduate message


Electrician subject

Nomura Real Estate Development partners
Yasuyuki Endo

We are from Tokyo private institution Tokyo vocational high school

After graduating from electric course of high school, we entered a school of higher grade in JEOL. Anyway, class to move hand including training was interesting during attendance at school. As we acquired qualification of second kind electricity construction person in high school days, it was more practical in JEOL and was able to learn generally. We are working at department of building facilities maintenance now. In building, lighting and air conditioning, facilities in conjunction with electricity including anti-disaster facility are various. We cannot miss knowledge about the electric whole. It becomes one step of lead, own strength about electric knowledge and technique because we learned let alone characteristic widely!

Electric construction technology department

NR train line techno
Yu Asai

We are from Clark commemorative international high school

We work as electric construction person performing washing and stretching of overhead wire in train line construction company. We get in tower wagon of gauge land type, and work starts. You must perform precisely and speedily in limited time and are at all work not to pass through mind, but feel always big worth doing when you think that you are engaged in work to remain, and to protect service that there is not and security of passenger of train. When JEOL did instruction that teachers were conscious of real examination before qualifying examination individually, and early stage just after entrance to school gave opportunity to think about what oneself wanted to do in the future, it was really good school of taking care. Advice of teachers whom interchange follows after the graduation is useful in really various scenes.

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