Type of job introduction


Creator is generic name of the creative type of job to play an active part throughout the trade.
Other than producer, the types of job such as director, director, planner, designer, animator, programmer are representative.



We are in charge of budget procurement and management about project, personnel affairs of the staff, and producer is person summarizing the whole project.

We have extensive authority as person of unification of project and take responsibility for the commercial success or failure of production thing. A lot of people who experienced director may hold an additional post of direction to producer.


Director is person in charge about section about expertise in various spots.

Because there are various industries, types of industry, concrete job specifications are different, but they have technical knowledge about the field and provide instructions to on-site creators such as the cause, designer or programmer of appropriate judgment. We perform management of schedule to produce work.

CG, the picture industry

CG creator

CG creator is person in charge of a series of works of CG (computer graphics) production. Or it is generic name of all types of job to be engaged in CG production.

Let alone CG making, we are in charge of a series of work on producing CG including work to put VFX after shooting together. We know workflow (work process) well, and high technique and ability to make expensive CG of quality during limited period are necessary.

CG designer

CG designer is person who actually creates CG (computer graphics) images using exclusive application software on PC.

It is the types of job that can play a wide role throughout the trade such as movie, picture, game, TV, CM, website, advertisement.

Let alone operational skill of PC and software, basic design and knowledge of sketch on making CG are required. In addition, it has each type of industry, basic knowledge of field to have possibilities to make work image based on request of client, and it is necessary to keep individuality, idea, sense of color, power of expression alive.

CG engineer (CG programmer)

CG programmer is person developing application software and tool necessary for CG (computer graphics) production.

We make programs such as Extensions tools called development and plug in of software itself for CG production and picture expression and are the type of job that we can express to do CG picture more wealthily. Therefore it is necessary for it to be understood well how you want to show picture expression using CG.

Technical CG creator (technical director)

Technical CG creator is person having special role to link engineering technique to express it to art domains such as CG (computer graphics) pictures.

Work produced on the site of CG production is supported by application software or plug in that picture expression and designer whom designer thinks about use. Technical CG creator is creator having director-like role to draw both power with high technology and knowledge more than CG designer and CG programmer. As it is human resources who are short in the world CG industry, it is the worthwhile type of job.

CG operator

CG operator is person performing CG production using CG (computer graphics) production software.

Based on image board, storyboard which CG designer raised, we draw movement and expression of character and may do pattern making of character.

Manager of CG production

Mainly on progress management of project, we handle various duties, and manager of CG production (popular name project manager, PM) is person summarizing the whole of CG production.

From plan to production, it is person unifying the production spots through the whole of project. Depending on company, we may be in charge until delivery of goods. The duties diverge into many branches to handle careful business and various troubles. It is the type of job that often associates with person, and demand of manager of production with communication ability increases.

CG concept artist

We think to make view of the world of work form, and CG (computer graphics) concept artist is work describing.

We describe images such as view of the world and character, prop (small tools) of work which is necessary when we make works such as movie, game, animation in illustration and CG to express directionality that supervision and director aim at and are work to express. Graphic oomotoni which concept artist dealt with, on-site designers mold design of the main story.

CG technical director

CG technical director is person in charge of technical section in CG production.

We read story (scenario) and assume digital technology that will be used at the time of CG (computer graphics) production and assemble workflow every work and perform coherent process control. We do not perform general direction like creative director, but deep knowledge about CG production technology is necessary to command production team in technical part.

CG supervisor

CG supervisor is person giving various advice for producer and director, the staff.

Specialized knowledge and technique, production know-how are necessary to produce in limited budget and schedule without losing quality. Therefore we participate in project as supervisor, and experienced CG (computer graphics) creator shares budget and schedule, taste of work with producer and directors and thinks about method and procedure to realize, and there is role as supervision to tell artist.

VFX creator (component stereo jitter)

VFXCreator (component stereo jitter) is person producing "composition" of live-action film and CG in main let alone CG.

When we composed live-action film and CG let alone operational skill of technique and software of CG (computer graphics) production, technique that we do not feel sense of incongruity is necessary. Because we are produced by idea power and technical application, sense of creator has dark color, and the expression method comes out. We usually watch many picture works and polish expression method and sense, and it is necessary to raise idea power.

  • ※You make explosion scene or life form or building which do not exist practically that VFX (Visual Effects/ visual effect) = "special visual effects" ... shooting is impossible with CG, and compose with live-action film picture.
Effect designer

Effect designer is person letting picture reflect effects (special effects) such as flame and spark, smoke of explosion.

Effect (special effects) to be used in various scenes. Sense of picture is necessary to hang effect (special effects) that can show charm of picture to the maximum.

Motion designer

Motion designer is working person adding "movement" to character of game and CG (computer graphics).

We do work to add "motion" (movement, movement) to character that character designers created using exclusive software. Let alone creatures such as person or animal, it is necessary to know movement of various things well.

Rigging artist (re-garfish)

Rigging artist is person performing setting (setup) to attach animation.

As it is work to add animation to character who produced with CG (computer graphics), knowledge of anatomical profound knowledge, machine and machine structure of human being and animal is demanded. As it is work to let character make animation, CG animator may move using controller directly.

Tex tea designer

Tex tea designer is person adding feel of a material or color to 3D work (model) which is not colored.

Anything which was just made with exclusive software adds feel of a material or color to 3D which is not colored. We attach picture which we drew feel of a material called tex tea on to 3D which modeler made.

Therefore consideration to unify sense of cooperation and views of the world is necessary. In addition, concentration and patience are necessary because we often work silently.

Mat pe interchange

We finish scenery of movie with CG (computer graphics), and mat pe interchange is person to make look like deep picture.

In late years mat paint came to be expressed using CG by the old type of job in the spot of movie production. Using model of 3DCG, we bring about depth and three-dimensional impression in the background by thinking to viewpoint of camera, and expressing.


Modeler is person who actually makes character and thing which designers drew CG (computer graphics).

Using exclusive software, we perform work making 3D with three-dimensional impression. Because you must make three-dimensional model unlike normal picture, cognition, imagination and high sketch for space are necessary. It is called 3DCG designer.

2DCG designer (2D gurafikka)

Based on proposal of project, it is person who makes view of the world, character, background of game and picture work visual by line drawing and color.

It is the important type of job to decide visual image of the work. Novel and attractive design is found to be used for game or not only picture but also package or advertisement to stand out of general person.

3DCG designer

Based on design which 2DCG designer made, it is actually person who makes characters 3DCG.

Cognition, imagination for space are necessary to actually make designs which 2DCG designer created three dimensional. Technique and design sense are required to perform work representing tex tea to give color and feel of a material. It is called modeler.

The animation industry

Animation creator

Animation creator is person in charge of a series of works of animation production.

Or it is generic name of all types of job to be engaged in animation production.

Let alone character design or background, we are in charge of a series of works on performing animation production. We know workflow (work process) well, and technique and ability to make expensive animation of quality during limited period are necessary.

Animator, CG animator

Animator is person in charge of drawing describing paintings causing character and animation in one by one.

We are in charge of work describing different original image of movement in one by one to let you make animation. There are many people playing an active part in freelance. CG (computer graphics) animator becomes animator who specialized CG. As for animator and the CG animator utilized recent digital technology, design sense as animator becomes necessary for operational skill of exclusive software from the start. In addition, when is used as generic name of working people of animation, but classify in detail, work of original picture man and video man of animator come to work.

Original picture man

Original picture man is person representing "the original picture" becoming point of movement of animation.

It is work of original picture man that create the point to accentuate when we move character. Thing necessary for original picture man is element of director attaching performance to drawing power and character. Original picture supervisor checks the finished original picture and is invested in process of video. As image power of animator including original picture man vividly appears in work, we carry important position of animation production. We come for drawing supervision and character designer by step-up when we acquire experience.

Video man

Video man is person representing "video" to connect between the original picture and the original pictures.

It is work representing cut with movement called "middle quota" between the original picture and the original picture. It is important that we describe carefully not to break image of the original picture, and speed to complete is demanded. Step-up can assume that video man acquires experience to examination for video and video man.

Examination for video

Examination for video is check of video and person revising.

Work to put confirmation, correction instructions in by one piece at middle percent that video man drew expert of video is video inspection. As a large quantity of videos are created to make one work, it is work that accuracy is demanded from with speed.

Background art

Background art is person representing "background" to impress with view of the world of presence and work of character.

"Background" to let you feel place and sense of the seasons, the future and the past times is important work to decide image and view of the world of the whole work. Let alone basic techniques such as perspective, sense and technique to keep atmosphere in animation are necessary to describe space.

Digital painter (color designation, color scheme)

Digital painter is person adding color to line drawing which animator created using computer.

We add color to line drawing which animator created and do work putting shading off effect or airbrush effect for. Because image of work greatly changes by color, it is the type of job that is important in doing animation production.

Shooting (digital shooting)

Shooting is not real camera and is post creating flows of picture using specialized technique with computer.

Because one-frame shooting technique was doing video which we drew on film of transparence called cell by one piece in film camera when we performed animation production in analog once, it is called "shooting". On computer, we combine background with character and perform work to create pictures now. Patience is required for work that one-frame shooting technique performs of by technical knowledge about picture and enormous cells one piece. VFX creator (component stereo jitter) in the field of CG (computer graphics), picture is this.

Character designer

Character designer is person designing appearing character to make plan of game form.

Because person character, item, wide design including interface to view of the world of game are found, it is necessary to wear high image.

Animation director

Animation director is person who does conduct, the supervision in making script animation.

Animation direction may be called by the types of job such as "supervision" "animation directors". Storyboard and character design, layout setting, art setting are made by drawing supervision and art director, and shooting, special effects, recording, editing and a series of work advance. About production process of all, animation director participates deeply. Wide knowledge and technique that are necessary for animation production are necessary.

Production progress

Production progress is person engaged in production management about picture works such as animations.

By live-action film, it is called progress chief. We manage almost all production processes of animation and manage so that project goes efficiently. Communication ability is necessary to associate with people of various types of job about animation production.

Animation supervision

We show theme and directionality of work in doing animation production, and animation supervisor is instruction, person in charge supervising for project team.

There are drawing supervision and various supervisors including art director even if we say supervision. It is person in charge of project and shows original theme and directionality of work, and animation supervision instructs project team in that. We think about new idea and expression, and strong-willed will to want to make it form is always necessary.

Comic artist

Comic artist is person representing comics according to the name.

There are various forms including normal long piece, short story comics and 4 top comics, of work when become popular, even animation and movie, game are developed. Technique and sense representing picture are important, but imagination, idea to think about attractive story or character setting is necessary most. In addition, patience finishing work silently is necessary.


Illustrator is person representing illustration in commercial medium.

It was common to see illustration in cover of novel and the space including cut, but in late years characters used by game deal. You must describe to be able to show own characteristic, but power of expression and sense are necessary for taste that we matched with use because you must express.

The game industry

Game creator

Game creator is person in charge of a series of works of development, production of game software.

Producer, director, planner, scenario writer, designer, programmer, various types of job including sound creator are included in game creator. Knowledge and technique along each type of job are necessary. In addition, communication ability is necessary because there are many projects of team production for long term.

Game programmer

We speak exclusive programming language, and game programmer is person who actually performs constitution (programming) of game based on proposal and specifications.

Program is used in various places including movement of operation and character of game. It is game programmer to make the program. Let alone knowledge of programming, general field of vision to make use of elements such as scenario, sound, graphic in well effectively is necessary. Applied power and high skill are necessary as specialist of programming.

Game CG designer (gemugurafikka)

We do work representing all graphic including person and background playing a game.

A lot of 2D designers played an active part once, but, as for the CG (computer graphics) designer of 3D, expertise is required with sense. We may deal with original design, but may describe based on the original picture handed by illustrator and character designer.

Game planner (plan)

We suggest ideas to make game interesting, and game planner is person planning game itself.

In late years much game software is released because even game console and smartphone can play a game. As for the game planner, novel idea and idea to always surprise person are necessary for the type of job that is very important to make more attractive game. Because you must tell plan that you devised to development charge team, ability for presentation is necessary, too.

Game scenario writer

Game scenario writer is person making scenario becoming flow of the whole work.

We may write article for advertisement to place in manual production and game magazine of game other than the work to write scenario becoming flow of game. Ability to analyze investigation of the material on making writer-like ability and story and the result is necessary.

Game producer

It is person to manage general unification and budget in game production, and to distribute.

It is important work to take full responsibility in plan, production of game on. From plan, planning of game software, we summarize game production including work order, budget management, staff management. Therefore programming, graphic, knowledge of the game production whole including sound are necessary widely. Original idea is necessary.

Game director

Supervisory manager concerned with the whole such as distribution of the staff and adjustment of schedule, progress management, promotion from plan of the whole game is Director game.

It is existence to become the nucleus to take a wide variety of business in game production on. It is mediator of development team and is adviser-like role. We make the decision to be final in various aspects and manage progress and convey specifications to the staff and are work that is important to taking communication with the staff.

Design, the Web industry

DTP designer

DTPDesigner is person designing printed matter such as book and magazine, poster, flyer using PC.

Therefore, let alone page layout and design knowledge, knowledge and technique of operational skill, design and editing of software for exclusive use of computer shop are necessary.

  • ※DTP refers to overall editing task to perform on PC by abbreviation of DTP.
DTP operator

DTPWe make modifications mainly on layout, and operator is person completing data to print based on design which designer made.

Let alone knowledge of design, we read content that we want to propose and locate important contents in appropriate place, and operational skill and application of exclusive software are necessary, too.

  • ※DTP refers to overall editing task to perform on PC by abbreviation of DTP.
Creative director

Creative director is person in charge commanding production process from plan of project.

We decide directionality of design and gather many designers. Strong consciousness to make the harvest, good work is necessary for opinion of designer while being based on request of client. Of course abundant knowledge and experience become important to technique that can persuade person including presentation.

Graphic designer

Graphic designer is person designing various products which we usually get used to.

We design various products which we usually get used to including package of magazine and advertisement (poster flyer), fashion, life article and food and drink. As well as design sense, we grasp trend of the modern fashion and industry, and idea and idea to be able to send suggestion appropriate to the industry on are necessary.

Editorial designer

Editorial designer is person to edit to be easy to read magazine or book, catalog for designing mainly.

We call designer making "page things" such as magazine or book editorial designer. It is important point of this work that consider whether you make it easy to read the space to cuttlefish more attractively. As they often treat visual material, not only editing technology, knowledge but also sense of balance and aesthetic sense are necessary. In addition, high technique and ability that we design and can only edit of quality are required during period selected as.

Art director

Based on concept, we give designation to designer or photographer, and art director is person in charge making visual image.

It is called AD for short. Based on concept of advertisement and product, we suggest image to propose and tell the idea to designer and photographer and make visual image. The type of job is in both of adland about printed matter such as magazine or advertisement and the picture industry, and experience that is all rich is necessary.

Web designer

Web designer is person designing homepage to read on the Internet.

According to instructions such as directors, we design homepage on the basis of request of client mainly. Because there is different dynamic element with printed matter such as magazine or advertisement, it is necessary to think about person seeing, and to suggest design. Operational skill of software for exclusive use of knowledge shop of the Internet, wide knowledge and ability including design sense are necessary.

Web planner

Web planner is person planning advertisement and event with client.

The making of plan, concept in Web site production is main work. We provide plan to do in homepage having many users see to thought, client. Ability for communication ability and presentation that are only informed by client and designer directionality of project is necessary. Abundant knowledge and attemptability about the Web industry are required than design and business power.

Web director

Web director is person gathering the staff as leader of production team in homepage production.

We give appropriate designation to the production staff after having grasped concept and needs that client requires and check finished Web site finely. Let alone knowledge and technique in homepage production, we need ability that can control progress of production to see the whole of project.

Web programmer

Web programmer is person building system based on specifications.

We make specifications to hear demand of client and do work to make system for Web based on the specifications. In late years, by community sites where popularity soared, system for exclusive use of Web diversified, too. Programming language and wide knowledge about the Internet and skill, applied power are necessary to devise new system.


Coder is person allowing you to display homepage by browser.

Using SGML to be called HTML, it allows user to read by browser. Web designer holds an additional post and may perform, but the type of job that specialized in this work becomes coder. Specialized technique and knowledge are necessary to produce let alone knowledge of HTML while considering person reading homepage. It may be said to be the HTML coding staff.

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