Entrance to school event

Campus & experience entrance to school participation tour open for 2 days and 1 night

It is recommended toward the distant place thinking about single life in Tokyo. We can experience attending school after we enter. As for the protector by all means together.


  • Principal school bears (the actual expenses) for transportation expenses coming and going only for entrance to school examination person.
    ※It depends on principal school official regulations.
  • Principal school prepares lodging only for the person and protector 1 ostensible reason.
  • We observe campus including career center and training room on the first day of the tour.
    We participate in open campus & experience-based entrance to school on the second day.
  • Consultation such as school expenses support including scholarship, scholarship student, student dormitory, single life is possible, too.

■Deadline for date, application

Twelfth grader object

The holding year The date Deadline for application
2018 Saturday, June 16 - 17 Sunday Friday, June 1
Saturday, July 28 - 29 Sunday Friday, July 13
Friday, August 17 - 18 Saturday Friday, August 3

Eleventh grader object

The holding year The date Deadline for application
2018 Wednesday, August 1 - 2 Thursday Wednesday, July 18
Saturday, December 22 - 23 Sunday Friday, December 7
2019 Saturday, March 23 - 24 Sunday Friday, March 8

■Holding time

Time From 13:00 to 16:00 (the first day)
From 10:00 to 15:00 (the second day) ※There is lunch

■Holding place

Venue Japan Electronics College Main Building others (access map)


Object Twelfth grader (numeral life) and second grader, protector who are registered at high school except Tokyo, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa
※Each 30 application system / time capacity

■Application method

1. We fill in matter necessary for application

You can order application by two following methods.

You print out application PDF version, and please use.
Please refer to toll free number 0120-00-9691.

2. We fax application and transmit

After filling in necessary matter, you fax to number of mention, and please transmit to application through vocational counseling of high school to be registered at or class teacher.

3. Lapel notification

We call back than the person in charge as soon as we receive application.
We explain procedures such as guidance of document or later staying or transportation expenses on this occasion.

4. Sending of document

If telephone confirmation from the person in charge is completed, and participation day approaches, I send document.
Please confirm document contents.

5. On the day we participate in tour!

Please inform E-mail of whether you have you call to principal school entrance to school counselor's office.

Entrance to school counselor's office

Toll free number: 0120-00-9691TEL: 03-3363-2985


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