One of high school 2.1 years

At first we will confirm with own eyes!
It is found to want to do it by all means.

"It is still eleventh grader" (one year) and "does not get a hint by entrance into a school of higher grade yet", and there may be to thinking person. Such one, please participate in entrance to school event of principal school. We can discover fun of various fields, and what you want to surely try is found. Method to approach in the future to aim by knowing deeper information if it is obvious that we want to do it becomes clear. With Japan Electronics College, do you not think about way of creator and engineer right now?

Let's experience the industry!

Subject briefing session according to field is held, too!

Open campus & experience-based entrance to school

  • Commencing with explanation of school and subject, experience-based class of subject desired is taken, too.
  • School briefing session (only as for from April to August) that is targeted for protector

Do you choose Q&A technical school and university, which way?

How is technical school different from university?
Point aimed for "practical education" that Japan Electronics College was connected directly with work is the most big difference whereas university is "study, education to study".
Can you apply with university?
We can do it, but school targeted for applying to more than one school is limited to university of full-time department or junior college (communication system is excluded). But university based on School Education Act Article 1 or junior college becomes school targeted for applying to more than one school. Night school and university and junior college of communication system are inapplicable. It is necessary for person wanting university applying to more than one school to submit "university applying to more than one school application" at the time of application.
Can you be admitted into university?
Yes, it is possible. Students in hope of university admission are few, but can be admitted from principal school. Please consult about hope every year in student center as admission guidance arrives from around 20 universities.
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