Student life

We do not only study!
Full campus life is waiting!

Important study period to become specialist from entrance to school to graduation. But only study cannot polish human being power and communication ability! There are club activities and various events including school festival that can grow up as person in principal school as member of society.

Location of the downtown area called Shinjuku is very convenient for part-time job and after five. Principal school where approximately 2,500 people go to is most suitable as place widening new friends and acquaintances.
We do not study, and full campus life is waiting for everybody!

Club activities, club

JEOL where club activities and association are active. We make pro-sports Part 11, culture system eight copies, and applicants gather each and make daily student life a more substantial one. When there are students starting up club and club newly, as for the student of JEOL, even club activities open power fully! Interchange beyond subject and school year, Japanese student and foreign student, interchange between foreign students are prosperous, too.
You use club activities well, and please enjoy student life still more!

Physical education system

Rubber-ball baseball club / tennis club / badminton club / soccer club / aikido department / swimming club / billiards department / kendo club / Kyudo club / table tennis club / basketball club

  • Rubber-ball baseball club

  • Swimming club

  • Soccer club

  • Aikido department

Culture system

Department of electric club / light music / comics art club / robot workshop / microcomputer club / rakugo Research Department / card game club / ICT workshop

  • Light music club

  • Drama club

  • Card game club

  • Rakugo Research Department

Event (annual schedule) in main study

There are two major events to be able to enjoy school days with all one's might in JEOL. On Nissen feast day, it is great popularity for high school student and local class, subject, clubs who there are plan and exhibition full of originality by volunteers, and came to visit. By one sport Festival, all students gather and they are divided into team and fight. We may say holding in Tokyo Dome and can fully run around.

April Entrance ceremony
Orientation according to subject
New pupil orientation
Spring Godo Kigyo briefing session
From May to June Student disaster prevention fire drill week
From July to August Sports Festival
Summer Godo Kigyo briefing session (plan)
Summer vacation
September Fall Godo Kigyo briefing session
October Employment kickoff seminar
November Nissen festival
From December to January Winter vacation
January Early Godo Kigyo briefing session
March Graduation ceremony
  • Entrance ceremony

  • Godo Kigyo briefing session

  • Sports Festival

  • Nissen festival

  • Graduation ceremony

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