Electronic school privacy policy

With policy about privacy policy of electronic school,
We explain approach for privacy protection.

Electronic school (as follows: this school garden) recognizes the importance deeply as corporation handling much personal information. We handle private information under the severe rule including the following and drive home to each member the observance.

About collection, the use of personal information

We disclose private information which caught offer in the case of the use of this school Web site to third party and, except the next case, may not provide.

About personal disclosure of information and offer

  • When there is agreement of the person
  • When we use as statistical data in state that cannot identify individual
  • When we receive personal disclosure of information request with legal obligation from machinery of law and administration

About management, protection of personal information

We manage personal information that this school caught offer severely so that accidents such as loss, destruction, information leakage do not happen. In addition, we use SSL to prevent unjust access from the outside in this school Web site. SSL is communication protocol to encrypt information on the Internet, and to transmit and receive. It is technique that is effective in following important information such as "personal information" transmitted and received on the Internet from wiretapping, manipulation, spoofing by third party. We introduce SSL into various personal information input pages in this school Web site.

  • ※It becomes address indication called "https:// ..." in address of Web page where SSL is applied to.

About change, deletion of personal information

We cope immediately only when this school receives offer and has communication from the person about change, deletion of personal information managing in this school directly as far as it is rational.

About the personal information handling in this school

In educational foundation electron school (it is said as follows with "this school"), we observe laws and ordinances that individual is related to about information that identification can distinguish on full name, address, phone number, the date of birth written down to documents submitted by the person, protector or guarantor and we make the use purpose clear and manage severely.

We collect personal information by appropriate means, method and do not do handling beyond range necessary for the achievement of the use purpose. When I change use purpose, I will inform the person.

We do use purpose of personal information to collect in this school predetermined procedure during at the time of entrance to school procedure and being on the register roll as follows.

  • To conduct affairs about college register management, class formation, certificate making
  • To conduct affairs accompanied with receipt of money management, communication, notice about school expenses payment
  • For health care, ensuring safety by medical examination enforcement
  • To perform duties, results processing, management in instructional activity in charge
    ※We may inform protector of results, the situation present.
  • To perform mail, communication of necessary documents in instructional activity
  • In club activities that the person belongs to, to perform communication
  • To perform communication about class reunion
  • For reporting to educational institution from high school and Japanese school
  • To carry out duties in conjunction with other above

In addition, in this school, we may entrust supplier with a part of the duties mentioned above (medical examination, achievement test). We shall establish articles such as prohibition of the use in purpose except commissioned business accomplishment, return of information after duties or destruction, compensation for damages at the time of violation for duties trust contract after having confirmed when we entrust outside supplier with the handling of personal information by data entry whether the personal information handling of trust is appropriate. When it continues and entrusts with duties, we confirm about the personal information handling situation of trust and provide all or part of information that is necessary for duties trust for a long term.

In addition, as a general rule, personal information does not disclose to third party other than the use purpose mentioned above, but the following cases may disclose personal information.

  • When when case to bear duty of disclosure based on laws and ordinances and the person, protector or guarantee human life, body is necessary to protect property or other rights, profit, we can judge
  • When we need emergency and we cannot get individual consent

About my number

In this school, there is no that class teacher and staff of school acquire my number of student in principle. You are careful about management of my number enough, and prevent you from telling third party number easily.

But, about the following cases, the presentation of my number is necessary.

<school case for the presentation of my number of student>

When we receive part-time job pay when we work part-time in this school, the presentation of my number may be necessary. As you perform this work by all means in financing accounting department, including class teacher, please never show in other staff of a school and windows.

In addition, in this school, "personal number and specific personal information establish handling rule", and is appropriate based on this rule about my number that acquired in financial affairs accounting department; manage.

Safety management measures about personal information

We vomit and we maintain rules in this school and act as unauthorized access to personal information, leak, loss of personal information for safety measures for the prevention of loss and correction again.

Correspondence to request such as disclosure

When it is thought that this school does not observe this personal information handling policy and when personal information disclosure, correction, addition of the person or deletion, suspension are hoped for, please refer until compliance committee management charge (the general affairs department). We cope with this based on this school information management rule as far as it is rational period, valid.

Handling of complaint

This school, please inquire for complaint (including complaint application about the receptionist or other handling of protest from claimer for measures of this school concerned with disclosure) about the personal information handling until compliance Committee management charge (the general affairs department). We try for appropriate and quick processing.

Inquiry about personal information disclosure

About personal disclosure of information, please inform of "agreement, personal information disclosure bill about personal information disclosure" after confirmation beforehand to this school general affairs department.

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