Pro-industry technical school of Tokyo, Shinjuku

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Toward the current students

It is content in school for current students.

Japan Electronics CollegeStudent portal site

Employment support system

It is employment support system that can obtain the latest information about job hunting of principal school.
In career center, we install exclusive portal site. It is full of information to be useful for such as notices of process of job hunting and job hunting manual understanding interview manners and campus test for employment, Godo Kigyo briefing session.

Information center

Information center is portal site which can share information of school which current students, the staff of a school uses in the principal school.
We release emergency communication matters caused by annual schedule and class schedule, earthquake and typhoon of school.
In addition, we offer document to use by event information distribution or class of school.


It is Web mail service offering after the entrance to school from principal school.
We provide e-mail address of "X X X" and principal school domain to current students.
When we own only mail address for cell-phone, at the time of job hunting to utilize mail address for PC well can use the mail service.

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