Pro-industry technical school of Tokyo, Shinjuku

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To company, press-affiliated all of you

We focus on cooperation with company, group.
We send human resources becoming adaptable fighting potential for your company out.

 Graduate of principal school is a total of 110,000 people since foundation of 1951. In IT, business, network security, electricity, electron, CG, game, animation, every year various fields including design, it produces many engineer creators.

 We work on partnership with company, group positively in principal school to bring up student to human resources who are usable as adaptable fighting potential. If there are stories such as internship, university-industry research collaboration curriculum, contest, please speak.

 In addition, in principal school, we carry out campus tests for employment performing employment examination from purpose to back up job hunting of student in classroom in Godo Kigyo briefing session and principal school for principal school students. Job offer registration that we maintain one year is possible on principal school homepage. As one opportunity of your company recruiting activity, the use is happy casually if you can utilize.

◆About adoption, job offer registration of principal school student

[guidance, reception desk of job offer registration]

Thank you for accessing homepage of educational foundation electron school Japan Electronics College. We prepare advertisement for help registration form to raise convenience of job offer application in principal school. We can do job offer application directly from the following pages.

Advertisement for help registration form is this

About the use of advertisement for help registration form

Concerning system, following user name, password is necessary to use advertisement for help registration form.
ID and password are the same things. You pass, and please access login screen for form exclusive than the following button.

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Advertisement for help registration form is this

[confirmation matter required]

When you use advertisement for help registration form, please confirm the following matter by all means. Please use only when you can agree to contents of the following matter.

■Legal responsibility
We report career center of Japan Electronics College as free job placement business that 2, school of Employment Security Act Article 33 perform. Job offer information to be released to student has that condition to depend on the employment agreement conclusion is exhibited appropriately. When other working conditions are remarkably inappropriate, we cannot accept application in contents or wage, working hours to violate laws and ordinances. In addition, effect that is the same as presentation of Japan Electronics College predetermined advertisement for help occurs in performing job offer request using this foam.
■Confirmation of information
We may confirm defect of information once again in us who send E-mail for the purpose of confirmation of the receipt and confirmation of information as soon as job offer application information arrives by the transmission of this foam when we admit.
■Exhibition of information
Job offer application information is released for Japan Electronics College life by Japan Electronics College predetermined method. When there is not special communication such as the adoption deadline than your company, we continue public release as time limit on March 31 in the next year.

Career center

TEL: 03-3369-2866 (directly) FAX: 03-3363-7112


◆About guidance such as university-industry research collaboration, contest with principal school

Please inform of guidance of university-industry research collaboration (cooperation development of internship, curriculum or the teaching materials) with principal school and various contests, inquiry about others education, this school student to the following Education Department.

Education Department

TEL: 03-3369-9333 (directly) FAX: 03-3363-7505

◆Please inform of application for coverage about principal school, inquiry except employment, education connection to the following public relations department.

Public relations department

TEL: 03-3363-2985FAX: 03-3363-7107


◆Please inform of inquiry, coverage about specialist University whom this school establishes to following specialist University establishment setup room.

Specialist University
Establishment setup room

TEL: 03-3363-7775FAX: 03-3363-7765


■We look for from other categories